For some women, fancy lingerie could be tucked away for many months until you have a special occasion to wear it for. But when it comes to wearing lingerie on a regular basis, especially what we refer to as undergarments, are something we are constantly on the lookout for. There are some great every day lingerie pieces that trendsetters are wearing, and they are literally lingering on my mind!

Some woman, treat lingerie like any other garment they were, and that is a personal decision of choice and comfort. There’s all kinds of lingerie, that is going to be featured on this post, so make sure to choose what you would feel most comfortable in. Play attention to sizing when it comes to lingerie, and the best way to do it is by looking into the undergarments you already own and choosing the one that fits you best, I’m going for that size. As a consumer, I am loyal to one brand, for the simple reason of knowing my size, and understanding the comfort and quality whilst shopping online.

That being said, it is now time to scroll and be amazed with all the kind of amazing lingerie you can wear…. underneath your clothes!


CUUP is one of the leading lingerie brands, making exquisite products I personally cannot wait to get a hang of. The brand defines this bra as an architectural silhouette, nothing over the top. It has a composed fit, clean finish and it supports all cup sizes. I also love how the products are always in stock. They are well sewn, and the sheer bra trend is one that is going to stick around for a while. Of course, just like other bras this has adjustable straps that are easy to wear and work with.

Credit: CUUP


I love this brand because of its amazing price point and the number of options that are available. It isn’t very often that you come across lingerie brands like this, because most woman shop for their undergarments, once a year and the bills can be pretty hefty. So if you’re looking for something that is affordable, and stylish, this is a great option for you. The quality is good, and it isn’t something that is luxurious, but it is comfortable.



Dora Larsen has some of the best playful and beautiful lingerie. If sheer, lacy and sexy lingerie is what you have in mind, look no further. With most pieces being in the price range of about $50-$70 a bra, it has the best fashion-forward pieces I have come across. As you can see with this bra below, it has got a really beautiful shape, and added sheer element, and of course pink!



Journelle is a multi-platform lingerie seller, featuring a number of different brands and their exclusive products. It is a really great platform to start off as a beginner, not knowing which lingerie brands are making different products. It is a really nice place to explore different pieces, and you can always head to the brands website to look for more if you like a certain piece. I give this 10 points because the website doesn’t feature any brands less from amazing!



Third love is another great lingerie platform, with a great variety, which is not overwhelming but enough for you to make the right decisions. For the woman who put comfort over style, you can also find a number of different pieces that fall into this category. I love this particular piece that I’ve highlighted on this blog post which is a nice plunge bra, with an added lace element. I would really encourage you to log onto the website and take a look at the number of different options available and choose what you like.



Cosa Bella is beautiful website where you can find delicate, elegant, and beautiful pieces for you to wear and love. Again, it is not very often where you can find a perfect balance of style, sensuality, and comfort. When you think of every day undergarments, you want something that is comfortable, but you also want something that is beautiful and makes you feel great!



This is another great website for all those if you’re looking for something that is more basic, and more every day kind of lingerie. It features a really great selection for you to choose from, with really convenient and user-friendly filters to choose from. Like most of the websites, this brand features all material information and information regarding the products fit and sizing that makes it very easy to shop online!

Credit: NATORI

I hope you enjoyed this wonderful selection of lingerie, and it helps you on your next purchase. Let me know if you found this blog post helpful!

Lots of Love,

Road Dress Travelled x