I am an absolute fan of the shoe collection on Mango, right from the affordability to the choices. Recently, I was looking for a good pair of sandals that are square-toed and I came across this excellent collection. Even if you aren’t shopping for winter already, I would totally consider shopping for these boots if they are on sale now. Without any further adieu, these are the best choices of sandals, flats and boots on Mango!

The perfect height for a pair of heels, and the quilted band making the shoe look like you got a new raise. This is going to be my top recommendation for those of you looking for a daily-wear sandal.

Credit: Quilted heeled sandals on MANGO

On number two, another classic pair of sandals with a twist. I love the versatile color, and that it is made of pure leather. It is a statement sandal for sure!

Credit: Leather straps sandals on MANGO

When you aren’t in the mood for heels, this pair of loafers make it worth your while and your choice. A perfect everyday choice for you to wear to wear or otherwise!

Credit: Leather penny loafers on MANGO

Wrapping it up with knots so pretty, this sandal looks absolutely chic and off the bat, a shoe that looks interesting. You don’t come across shoes that are a style statement and comfortable all in one!

Credit: Knots heel sandals on MANGO

A perfect thigh high boot, and a one to buy soon as long as it is on sale. I love how the new collection on Mango, focusses so much on the square toe cut which is a 2021 trend!

Credit: Leather boots with tall leg on MANGO

Not personally a shoe I can carry off because of the narrow pencil heel at the base, but it is a pick for you. The front of the shoe comes with a square toe design, to grab all the eyes!

Credit: Heel leather ankle boot on MANGO

This one is on my personal shopping list, it looks absolutely perfect for a casual day out. I have been on the lookout for shoes that are comfortable with a heel on it!

Heel leather sandals - Details of the article 4
Credit: Heel leather sandals on MANGO

Another pair that I cannot wait to buy, priced at only $20 on it’s sale, this is a pair of boots you need to buy now!

Squared-toe ankle boots - Medium plane
Credit: Squared-toe ankle boots on MANGO

Very similar to the previous pair of boots, this one comes in a different shade and is glossier than the previous. For those on the look-out for tapering toe boots, look no further!

Heel zipped boots - Medium plane
Credit: Heel zipped boots on MANGO

Another great quilted shoe to feel another level of comfort for those toes, this is great: for the color, price and comfort!

Quilted heeled leather sandals - Article without model
Credit: Quilted heeled leather sandals on MANGO

This is another unique style of shoes we have seen our favorite celebrities wear, and I have to say I am in love with this color. Cannot wait to wear them!

Knots heel sandals - Details of the article 2
Credit: Knots heel sandals on MANGO

In a world of fast fashion, you want to find products that stand out and look different. A product that looks phenomenal and unique, these pair of boots will capture all the attention!

Heel leather ankle boot - Medium plane
Credit: Heel leather ankle boot on MANGO

Because I promised to add in a sandal as well, if I have to choose from their collection, this is the best. Comfort is always important with sandals, especially if you want to walk for hours in a stretch.

Suede flat sandals - Medium plane
Credit: Suede flat sandals on MANGO

Suede and strappy, I love this sandal with all my heart. Another great design from Mango, balancing wonderfully between comfort and aesthetic!

Strappy heeled sandals - Article without model
Credit: Strappy heeled sandals on MANGO

Woven and gives me a rich and beautiful vibe, just by looking at the photo, I cannot imagine how lovely it would be to actually walk in them!

Sandals with braided heel design  - Medium plane
Credit: Sandals with braided heel design on MANGO

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