There are so many types of bermuda shorts, with the options being endless and a huge range of materials to choose from. When it comes to the options, my personal favorite has got to be the PU leather bermuda shorts. On this blog post, you are going to get a photo dump of some of my favorite ways to style bermudas. Let’s get scrolling for inspiration!

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Chic and classy, this one is an easy look to put-together. Try to match your shoes and handbag to keep them in the same tone, and keep the rest of the outfit simple. The key is to enjoy every part of the outfit!

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I loved this look because of the unique style of the top when paired up with the bermuda shorts. Again, notice how the color of the bags and shoes always go along together to create a balanced aesthetic.

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Argyle or not, any kind of prints on your blouse or sweater and these great black PU leather shorts creates a perfect look. I love how the look has been used to create a autumn-winter look, unlike others on the list.

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Another super simple look to put together which only takes a few minutes is this white sweater and a pair of black PU leather shorts. Another great way to use this for a winter look!

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This pair of sequined bermuda shorts is one that may not be so easy to get a hang of, but this is a great way to get them styled. Trying to stick to similar tones here, creates a uniform aesthetic!

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This is another PU leather look but going from top to bottom on this one is this all olive green look. Styled together in a chic way, this one falls under perfect streetstyle.

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Not all bermuda shorts are leather, and these denim shorts are the highlight of 2021. It is a perfect DIY project as well, taking an old pair of jeans and converting them into this style.

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This one isn’t exactly a bermuda pair of shorts, but it is the style that I absolutely love. A great blend of yellow and beige and of course, the sorbet blue tone sandals. Love it!

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Another easy to put-together outfit, is this pair of yellow shorts and this woolen sweater. Keep it simple with the accessories on this one and wear it for a nice, hot summer day!

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Can a style look any simple than this look?

Easy to put together, black on black it is perfect for an easy, professional look. Use belts to highlight just the right areas on this outfit, and keep it simple with gold accesories.

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Trench coats are excellent garments that cover and emphasize the form of the outfit. I love how the coat has been used over such a casual look, keeping it very simple at the core to style.

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Super stylish, this outfit has all the color tones worked out. I love the color of these PU leather shorts, a one that is easy to work with. A lot of the other garments in the market usually come about in these tones, and therefore it is easier to style.

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Another great example of how just three simple tones have been used to create a brilliant outfit. This has to be one of my most favorite outfits, and I am finding the next opportunity to wear this!

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If you love pastel tones, feel free to explore with this look. A great way to blend two colors of the season with a pastel lavender and a pastel green and keeping the accessories neutral.

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Lastly, but not the least this look is a monochrome delight with keeping it simple with white and pink. These looks really give us an idea of how just a few simple tones can give us a great outfit!

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