If you are wondering why I am recommending pleated clothing over others, this blog post has all the answers. Pleated clothes are usually characterized by clothing that has pleats over it, or known as small folds that are tightly packed together. We find pleats in so many different materials and garments, so what makes the dresses I am wearing so unique?

The pleated clothing I am wearing is made out of polyester or synthetic fabrics that give the fold an almost glossy appearance. It is not a sustainable material, so I do not recommend going overboard with it, however there are some great benefits!

One size fits all when it comes to this clothing and women who are expecting children and shopping for specific maternity clothing, do not need to anymore. These clothes have so much room, that it is possible to go all the 9 months of maternity in these dresses. With maternity clothing, you have to buy the garments for a period of time and then probably keep them away for weeks to come. Say goodbye to those problems!

Because of having so much flexibility as a fabric, the clothes feel smooth, and comfortable. This makes it an experience of comfort day in and out!

Because of being relatively new in the market, this form of pleated clothing sure does grab eyeballs. They are available in so many styles that it is almost hard to keep up. Co-ordinated sets with pleated clothing are absolutely excellent when it comes to the aesthetic!

Depending on where you choose to buy pleated clothing from, they sure do last long. I have had them for the longest time in my closet and they have done wonders for me!

As a frequent traveller, my suitcase has to weigh just right for every trip. This clothing is super lightweight allowing you to carry more and weigh less. That is wonderful isn’t it?

That being said, here’s a few pleated clothing looks I wanted to share with you!

A blue, green and cyan dress, it has a mix of all things right. It is symmetric, free flowing and almost looks like a painting to me…that I can wear!

Pair it up with a black jacket or not, the choice is yours!

This is a beautiful co-ordinated set I purchased from ScarletSage a year and a half ago, and it has become my most worn outfit within a matter of a few days of buying it. It felt almost as if I had never worn an outfit so comfortable!

I’ve seen pleated clothes in so many styles, but this one was unique because of the sheer pleated jacket that came along with it. It is such a pretty add-on to the outfit. You can experiment with styles like these when it comes to dresses!

Heard of color block?

Here’s another way to do a color block look with pleated clothing. It has got all the right ways to look bubbly, cheerful and got a nice mix of vibrant colors!

I’m sure you have heard of fringes and tassels. This is a PLEATED fringed dress, and I fell in love with it when I saw it. The dress has extremely great quality and none of these tassels ever fall apart. When I am out and about for my next party, this is in my suitcase for sure. Pair it up with some lemon yellow shoes and your bag. You are all set!

Those were all the ways you can style pleated clothing effortlessly to create a spectacular outfit. Life is too short to keep your clothing boring, so find your next pleated dress whenever you shop next. Let me know which look was your favorite!

Lots of Love,

Road Dress Travelled x