I have been admiring puffy sleeve dresses for the longest time, and I have wanted to curate this list for the longest time. There are many different styles of puffy dresses, and this list has all you need to look for on your next purchase. Make sure to work with the kind of dress that suits your body type and I think that is the biggest key with this style. But above all, look for a dress that suits your style and individual style identity. Keep scrolling to find out more!

First up, this beautiful white dress, it is minimalistic, yet sophisticated and has the perfect amount of oomph! I love how there is a bold red lipstick and handbag to add on to this look. For those who have a slender figure, this dress is going to bring out the best!

Credit: Uploaded by thetrendytale.tumblr on Pinterest

Another dress, with a different fit and color, I love this as another choice for a slender figure. Make sure to go simple for the accessories with this one and of course, feel free to get comfy and all in a sneaker!

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Another super relaxed style with a puffy sleeve dress, this checkered style is one you should try. I love how the accessories are minimal and the bag and shoes blend in so well!

Credit: Uploaded by whowhatwear.co.uk on Pinterest

A long and slender look, this brown puffy sleeve dress is not a one you will come across so often, but isn’t it just gorgeous? Take notice, on how this summer dress, is being uses to wear it as a winter dress.

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This is one of my personal favorite puffy sleeve dresses, especially because of the style. For those women who have an hourglass body shape, this dress is made for you!

Credit: Uploaded by modaoperandi on Pinterest

Another great style, this one is for those who have a curvier body and are looking for a neon puffy sleeve dress that suits and fits you. Whether the dress is neon green or other bolder colors, experiment with this one.

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A great body flattering shape with a puffy sleeve dress in one, this dress is perfect. There are many ways to find this style online on a number of e-commerce websites. There are sustainable choices too with linen, that make a great choice!

Credit: Uploaded by thefashionspot on Pinterest

If you find yourself loving prints, go for these puffy sleeve dresses with a slightly ruched fabric to get an all in one. This suits a huge range of body types, especially if you have got a tummy you want to conceal.

Credit: Uploaded by modaoperandi on Pinterest

This dress is made for those who want volume and feel skinny with body con dresses. Keep it simple when you have huge volume dresses, go for something that adds a little touch, but nothing more.

Credit: Uploaded by zaitegui.es on Pinterest

This hot pink fuchsia dress is all you need to get your glamorous puffy sleeve look on. I love how the yellow sneakers have been added in to add the chic, athleisure look.

Credit: Uploaded by m.en.vogue.fr on Pinterest

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