While the whole of last year was centered around lounge wear and summer looks at home, this year I am excited to share a few A-lister’s and them wearing their A-list looks. Whether it is just out to the street to run a few chores or trying to make appearances to be papped, this is the ultimate list of outfits that create a lasting impression. All these looks are for you to try out and explore, so get scrolling people!

Gigi Hadid looks absolutely spectacular in this floral maxi dress. I’m sure you’re going to agree with me when I say she wore it right. I love how easy this outfit is to incorporate in our daily closets. It’s very easy to find the pair of mules in nearly any online retail store.

Photo Source: Uploaded by PopSugar on Pinterest

I looked at this outfit and I absolutely love the skirt and how casual, yet chic it all looks together. The pair of sunglasses and a handbag as well, add such a great touch to this outfit. It’s perfect for summer anywhere in the world and another very easy outfit to incorporate.

Photo Source: Uploaded by British Vogue on Pinterest

For those of you who love to pair sneakers with nearly every outfit, this one has got to be your go-to outfit. Also notice how the socks are over the sneaker giving it an elevated and chunky appearance. I also love the use of three simple colors being pink, white and denim. Keep it simple with your accessories!

Photo Source: Uploaded by ChikoShoes on Pinterest

I call this one the mixer pick, because of how the neon shoes have been used to create a massive colour pop in the outfit. Blazers on the other hand, are a wardrobe essential that go along so well with so many outfits. I also love these relaxed denim pants to complement the whole look. If you notice, the reason why this outfit stands out is because it follows guidelines of proportion.

Photo Source: Uploaded by Elle on Pinterest

For those of you who think you can sport this outfit, go for it! This outfit is super easy to put together, however it’s suits a very particular body type. So make sure to choose this outfit based on your comfort and personal style.

Photo Source: Uploaded by TheZoeReport on Pinterest

There is something so relaxed and beautiful about how this outfit looks. The oversized blouse with a pair of tight hot shorts is an excellent choice. Keep it simple with a pair of sneakers and rolled your hair up to a bun. This is a great summer outfit!!

Photo Source: Uploaded by Aileen on Pinterest

Kendall Jenner is wearing this really nice jumpsuit, to complement and highlight the right areas of her body. Again with this outfit, keep in mind about how comfortable you feel wearing it, because that is what style should be about. Especially when it comes to the hot summer months, you want to feel comfortable.

Photo Source: Uploaded by HarpersBazaar on Pinterest

This is an offbeat option, from the rest of the celebrity outfits that I have featured on this blog post. But I absolutely loved how this outfit has been styled to create a great sense of colour. This is definitely on my top options for the summer colorful look!

Photo Source: Uploaded by Refinery29 on Pinterest

This outfit is the perfect combination of chic and stylish for the feminine woman who wants to wear something graceful. There is so much to love about this outfit, and I would definitely give a 10 on 10 for styling this one out.

Photo Source: Uploaded by Coveteur on Pinterest

I call this one the blended pick, because of how the slip satin dress has been paired with some casual sandals. But at the same time it also has a really striking neckpiece the compliment and accessorize this outfit. The one thing that I would recommend switching in this outfit is, the pair of shoes wearing you can change it for a pair of chunky sneakers.

Photo Source: Uploaded by marieclaire.com on Pinterest

Lastly, on this list we have Priyanka Chopra wearing a really nice floral dress that complements her denim jacket. I love how this brings about a total summer vibe and something for you to explore!

Photo Source: Uploaded by MagazineFeed.me on Pinterest

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