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This blog post is going to feature some of my favorite Indian brands that I am shopping from. Supporting local labels, blogs and brands is an essential part of my journey. All these brands bring something absolutely fresh to the table, and I love that. These labels have their own style identities, and the best part? they are super affordable. The brands broadly feature clothing perfect for hot or humid weather. Keep scrolling to explore these brands that you spot your favorite Indian influencers wearing!

A Tiered daisy embroidered dress that is perfect and flowy. It is great for those looking into buying a loose maxi dress that highlights the right areas of your body. Another great feature is the brand being open to customizations and this makes the whole process very enjoyable.


This dress is an absolutely gorgeous mix of stripes done right. It is quite usual to find stripes in nearly all sorts of outfits, but to find dresses that have been customized and designed in creative ways is rare.

Photo Credit: DASHANDDOT

The name speaks about the brand identity by itself, as the UrthLabel is all about easy and breezy outfits. I love this kaftan style dress that is versatile, and I can imagine wearing it to so many different ocassions. Got to love it!

Photo Credit: URTHLABEL

An element of tiers and tie-up’s, this dress looks so cool and comfortable. It is perfect for summer and an ideal choice for all the Indian summers in particular. I am always a huge fan of outfits that put comfort over style, and this is one of them.

Photo Credit: ELEVENOONE

Local and made out of uber comfortable fabrics, this blog post features some of the best Indian brands that you shouldn’t miss shopping from. This dress is the perfect blend of contemporary and India at the same time with the design and prints!


For the woman who likes to explore some more, loose and oversized is definitely one style you will find here. I love the oversized options available and all the clothes represent that element.

Photo Credit: LOVECHOJE

Some more kaftan inspiration, you have got to agree when I say Kaftan’s are one of the most comfortable pieces of clothing to exist. This brand features tons of different kaftans easily available for you to try on.

Photo Credit: PINKLAY

One of the last brands on this list, but not the least. I love how versatile this brand is when it comes to the price point. It does not have 1000’s of different dresses, but the brand is doing a great job with the kind of clothes they are making.

Photo Credit: RUNWAYIN

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