NA-KD is one of my favorite clothing brands to shop from and I am in love with their latest collection. Swishing through NA-KD is one of the best places to find dresses for any and every occasion. They host an extremely large inventory of clothing with brands such as Mango, Bohoo, NA-KD collection and much more. The options there are endless, affordable and ideal if you are looking for a balance between quality and pricing. Bringing to you, the best of NA-KD…

On number one I have this beautiful yellow chiffon dress that I absolutely admire. I love how the police run all throughout the body, however the sleeves are sheer. For me this dress is absolutely perfect because of having the opportunity to style it in winters as well as in summers.

Pleat Detail Maxi Dress USD 71 Photo Credit: NA-KD

This one is comfortable, chic and stylish!

I love the colour, and how it is so perfect for summer. I would wear this exactly the way the model is in the image below however I would use a nice pair of white sandals instead. I love how the material being linen is also so perfect and comfortable when we think of summer.

Oversized Linen Blend Shorts USD 45.95 Photo Credit: NA-KD

One for the shoes! Square toe shoes have been trending ever since 2020, however having one pair of boots that accommodate the square toe style is something for you to try out. I also love the detail with the heel, it is slender and yet accommodates comfort.

Super Square Ankle Boots USD 29.97 Photo Credit: NA-KD

If you have been following the Road Dress Travelled blog for awhile you are aware about how much I love sheer style. This dress is perfect for a summer look, that is stylish and yet simple in many ways to accessorize. This dress is available in three other different variations, check them out on the website.

Maxi Sheer Dress USD 59.95 Photo Credit: NA-KD

Not a lot of puff sleeve dress dresses suit all body types, however this dress seems perfect to highlight just the right areas of the body. I love the colour being so soft and subtle. This dress has a great form flattering look!

Milla Assymetric Mini Dress USD 59.95 Photo Credit: NA-KD

This one has been servicing on a lot of different Facebook ads, and I love how subtly the prints as well as the choice of colours on the pattern have been chosen. The form and fit of the dress is really great because you have the option of getting rid of the belt if you don’t like it.

Belted Long Sleeve Maxi Dress USD 77.95 Photo Credit: NA-KD

Ruched dresses have been really popular in 2020, however this dress has just the right material to give you a form flattering look using chiffon. Usually these dresses really look great only on the woman with a really slender body type, but this being a pattern as well as being made out of chiffon is a great choice for all of you wanting this look.

Square Neck Gathered Chiffon Dress USD 55.95 Photo Credit: NA-KD

Another one of these shoes that cast a great effect, these sandals have been delicately designed. I love that this is in a classic black colour, and it really suits a huge range of the outfits. That makes it a really ideal choice for all of you looking for a good pair of every day sandals.

Knotted Mules USD 47.95 Photo Credit: NA-KD

Two piece sets are not very often customized to be perfect for your body type, however I find this set really great for a variety of body types. It features just the right places, and highlights the right spots. At the same time it also shows just a little skin!

Recycled Frill Mini Skirt USD 41.95 Photo Credit: NA-KD

Lastly but not least, every woman needs a few classics in her wardrobe and this great black blazer made out of leather is perfect for you. I love the length of the blazer, and that it is in a jet black shade. You can really imagine different ways of creating great outfits with this blazer.

Maxi Oversized PU Blazer USD 83.95 Photo Credit: NA-KD

Lots of Love,

Road Dress Travelled x