This pandemic has forced us all to work from our homes, but for some of us restarting work and being fully vaccinated, it’s also time to go shopping again. Working from office is going to be a big change after working remotely for such a long time. To bring in some positive vibes, new style, inspiration, this is a blog full of photos that are going do inspire you to create your own office wardrobe that will keep you motivated I’m going to work every morning. Keep scrolling to find out more…

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This outfit is really nice, when paired up with a striped shirt and a pair of khakis. You can always try to reinvent the way this outfit looks, and adjust it to your personal taste and expectations.

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One of the most easiest ways to create formal outfit, is to work with the colour black. This is an outfit with a black blazer, a good pair of black trousers and a white blouse to add in a sense of difference.

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Not all offices allow you to be able to dress, and wear exactly what you want to, but this outfit is a really good choice if you can explore dressing for work. These floral wide leg pants, almost looking like paisley prints are a really good option.

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Try to colour coordinate your office outfits, by using two simple colors. Here is a really nice rustic brown orange, mixed in with the simple colour black. There are many ways of going about creating this outfit.

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Simple as it gets, if you are a fan of the colour grey, this is a really good choice for your next work outfit.

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If you work in a slightly informal space, or a creative office, there are more opportunities to explore your dressing style to work. I found this outfit really inspiring, and the way the colors have been mixed together to create a really nice ensemble.

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Monochrome to work is another great idea to keep your outfit simple, and yet stylish. This is with the colour green, which is pretty unconventional when it comes to using it for an informal setting. Try to use it the next time you get ready to get to office.

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Another really elegant way of putting together an outfit, is investing in some black mule sandals, and a really nice checkered blazer. It looks so well put together! WOW!

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There is something so nice about this outfit, as soon as you look at it it does grab peoples attention, and certainly mine. I love the choice of the colour with when it comes to the pants because it really suits an office space.

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For all those peach lovers, or those who love dusty pink, this is the perfect outfit for you. Try to accessorize this outfit by using beige for your shoes and handbag!

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Quite similar to the last outfit that we had on this list, this one is using three different patterns and prints, to make a really good wholesome outfit. I like the choice of the printed top, paired up with a blazer, and a different color of pants.

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For those of you look good in white, try to use this all-white monochrome outfit and try to match the colour of your coat with your shoes. If you live in a hot country, try to do the same with the help of a longline jacket instead of coat. Feel free to experiment with colors here!

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Another really beautiful monochrome outfit that looks very elegant to wear to a work setting, is this all blue look. Dark blue has always been one of the most formal colors for women, that the fashion industry has associated with. Try to explore the same with monochrome!

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The last on the list is this lovely white blouse with a pair of jeans, try to get a balance with your handbag with your shoes. This is a really simple, elegant way to dress to work.

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