This blog post is different and exciting, I am so glad to be writing this as I have been featured on FeedSpot as “TOP 20 FASHION PODCASTS TO FOLLOW IN 2021”


The Road Dress Travelled Podcast is a space for women who want to understand how fashion and style can transform your life. I share expert tips, for women all over the world, to help them shop and dress their best.

My blog has always been a platform to express true, authentic information that makes a positive difference in people’s lives. My biggest goal with my podcasts is to bring out the best through style.

Each podcast is created with specific themes in mind, that can solve problems and make you feel better about them!

On the Road Dress Travelled podcast

We will soon be introducing new guest speakers to come share their journey in their area of work and accomplishments. The Podcast will continue to be a space of keeping our episodes, concise, informative and authentic.

I want to give out the biggest thank you to FeedSpot for featuring us as one of the Top 20 Fashion Podcasts to Follow in 2021. If you do not follow the Road Dress Travelled Podcast yet, do so right away. If you are a listener, do not forget to rate us, share your feedback and subscribe to our podcast.

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