Coats are winter essentials and even though we are far away from winter in some parts of the world, doesn’t mean you cannot invest in one right now. I have never got to wear coats in India because of weather constraints, but not anymore from rainy, cold Seattle. And that calls for a great collection of coats, and it can be hard to know what colors work for 2021. You may be thinking, what kind of colors stand out, and what I should pick?

So here is another special from the Road Dress Travelled featuring some stunning and captivating coats!

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Yellow, bright, bold and new and it is the new black. If you want to explore some colors that really stand out, starting odd with yellow is a wonderful choice!

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If you want to choose something more classic and that goes along with a lot of outfits, this beige coat is definitely a good choice for all year round.

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Fuchsia Pink, one of my favorite colors, and a coat being fuchsia pink is my dream come true. If you want to have your “Emily in Paris” moment, try this color out!

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Sky blue is the new baby pink, you often see celebrities wearing this new color everywhere. It is soft, feminine and does get along with a huge range of colors and it is totally worth exploring!

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Orange is the new black? This one is absolutely beautiful when it comes to the silhouette and choice of color. The bold orange just stands out!

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Apricot, or beige is often a good choice because it goes along with so many different outfits and styling it is super easy. Coats instantly elevate the way the outfit looks, and you are all set for autumn and winter!

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Green is a color quite similar to yellow when it comes to choosing a unique color instead of the boring classic choices. Go for a bold green and try to accessorize with bold red!

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Classic as it gets, but not everyone owns one! Black is the best coat to have, and is there anything black doesn’t go well with?

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Sheer trench coats are stylish, but not that easy to find off the internet. However nordstrom, net-a-porter and a few other websites have some of these coats that look so chic!

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Purple is my latest obsession and I have legit bought so much purple in the last few months. This purple coat that Gigi Hadid is wearing, is so feminine, beautiful and does not fail to look amazing!!

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Red is beautiful and versatile and has such a good appeal. There is nothing that you cannot carry off with this coat color. Red goes along very well with purple, black and white, so find a way to work with it.

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Baby pink, the classic feminine color, is so graceful and is a perfect choice if you want to carry off this sort of look.

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Burgundy, was a coat color on my bucket list for years, and I was so happy to get a hang of this coat a few years ago. It goes along with so many clothes in my wardrobe that I would totally recommend it to you!

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