MY TOP 5 SUMMER STYLES (lockdown edition)

Welcome to yet another exciting blog from my style journal, where I am featuring five styles that you can try on this summer. The idea behind each look was to keep it authentic, fresh and most importantly summery. I have tried to stick to shades which bring out a sense of vibrancy such as pinks, whites and blues. Each look has also been paired up with different accessories to compliment it. These are pretty outfits, but the only issue is not having a chance to flaunt them during a lockdown. But without further adieu…

Let’s get started!


Nothing beats a good white dress, except when there is a dash of prints added on the top. Over the years, my attraction towards printed clothes has increased and now I do have a couple of these dresses that are perfect for a brunch with my friends. The only disadvantage is not being able to wear them during lockdown.

#2 Pretty in pink

I absolutely love this pink off-shoulder dress that goes so well with a number of accessories. I have added an extra dash of neon yellow with my shoes and bag that makes it look more catchy. This would surely be on my top all time favorite dresses that I am waiting to wear again post lockdown. If you have a similar dress, such as white, pair it up with a neon shade of pink or yellow to get the same effect.


Nothing suits summer better than this loose, comfortable pastel tone maxi dress . I have been spending time wearing this at home, with comfort being priority. Adding a maxi dress to your wardrobe is a good investment this summer.


With spending so much time at home over the last few months, I have to admit online shopping is helping my ennui a little bit. I absolutely love wearing this dress at home, or outdoors for a walk because of how casual it is. Above all, the texture and color of this dress is perfect!


On a lighter note, if you aren’t the kind to spend a lot of time dressing up, try these palazzo pants on top of a loose summery blouse. I usually try to compliment a pattern, embroidered or printed top with a plain bottom and vice versa. This outfit is a favorite for long walks and cosy evenings.

Those were my top five summer outfits that I am waiting to wear post lockdown. Let me know which one of these looks were a favorite. If you enjoyed reading this post, do share it with your friends and loved one’s.

Lots of Love,

The Road Dress Travelled x