Spending a lot of time home due to COVID-19, has pushed many of us to choose online platforms to rely on our needs. With not being able to go to a mall to do your shopping, e commerce has never been better. And with that thought in mind, a few questions arise:

“Where can I find clothes that fit me well and are affordable?”



On this blog, I am going to be sharing my point of view on these three intriguing questions. I shared a blog on my “Top 5 Summer Styles” and I got a few questions where I was asked if I had any particular way of shopping, and if there was any kind of process?

The answer is YES!


Finding the right websites to shop on could take some time and experience, especially with so many e-commerce platforms having a strong presence online. The real question is when you should be using http://www.amazon.com vs. http://www.shein.com. Different e-commerce platforms have their own advantages when it comes to the product, price, promotion offers and place. I have listed down all the websites I trust online and what I buy from these websites.

I have created this comparison table with my personal experience with these e commerce platforms. I have compared them on the basis of what I buy, value for the price and how quick the shipping process is.

Some other independent websites I shop and trust are: http://www.glossier.com, http://www.oldnavy.com,http://www.aloyoga.com,https://www2.hm.com/en_us/index.html, http://www.aerosoles.com and http://www.kohls.com.

There are many independent websites that host wonderful products. It is also a great idea to check up with local brands and boutiques to see the products they sell. http://www.shein.com is one of the nicest websites I have come across with a blouse starting from 8$-30$ on an average. Despite the prices being so low, I have never had a problem with the quality from Shein.

A lot of my readers asked me from where this dress is from, you can purchase it in the link below:


When you do end up on a website like http://www.amazon.com you will see not a couple, but a hundred different options to choose from. So most times, we even know the platforms to shop from, but choosing the dress in the right size still remains one of the biggest online shopping challenges. The way I go about this is in easy steps:

  • STEP ONE: Know your wardrobe and take a look at all the clothes you have before adding more into your closet. Try buying clothes or trends you do not have which will make your wardrobe more up to date.
  • STEP TWO: Take a look at celebrity trends as they give a good insight on what is new and trendy. I have a scroll at what looks I would like to wear and don’t have in my closet and look for styles which are similar to it.
  • STEP THREE: Buy clothes online which suit your body type. This is the most important step because whatever you buy, must suit your body to start with. Every body is beautiful, it is all about finding the right style for you. Body fat is something most normal people have and there is no need to shy away from this fact. Buy clothes that emphasis what you enjoy about your body the most. If you want to look thinner, opt for short mule heels and a midi dress and so on.

To make this process a whole lot simpler, I decided to record a process of how I choose sizes for dresses online with this short video.

The first dress I went to, the dress would stick to the body and it would suit a skinny person. So I went on to look for dresses that are looser on the hips the way I would like it to be. The pink off shoulder dress is what I had bought and I also love the yellow/white pleated off-shoulder dress. Even though size L would look great on me, I choose an XL or M based on the dress. Ordering one dress from a brand the first time is a great idea, as you know what size suits you best before you order a bunch of clothes.


One of the most difficult choices in fashion is always whether you need to follow trends or whether you should follow what you like inherently. For me, the choice is somewhere in the middle where I need to wear what I want, but isn’t outdated at the same time. For me the process of styling is based on the aesthetic over the brand. I have come across 500$ garments that are okay and 30$ garments that are so stylish. Clothes are not really a long term investment, so buying something that looks good, has good quality is the first priority for me.

Trends keep changing and most people do not fall under the trend setting category, but rather the followers. Most people do not even have time to read trends unless fashion is your profession. So you may just be looking for something that looks nice, suits you and has a convincing price tag on it. For this very reason, I spend my time being loyal to a few brands who do their job in keeping up with the trend and as a buyer I just have to choose. I do however experiment with a few brands from time to time to add a special touch. Luckily, I have always been wonderful with color pallets and choosing the tones well. The art of styling has always come to naturally, but I am aware of how challenging that is for many of you.

If you would like to get some top STYLING TIPS on my next blog, to make it easier leave a comment below and share what your biggest struggles with styling clothes is. In the meantime, happy lockdown shopping!

Lots of Love,

The Road Dress Travelled x