Welcome to the Ultimate Guide to 30 exclusive products, all under 30$.

In the last week, I had some requests from a couple of readers to write a blog on 30 products that I think are a good purchase off the internet. This list predominantly includes clothes, bags, shoes, gadgets, journals and all things fun. The focus on this list caters more towards good fashion and beauty choices and I have also touched upon interesting gadgets and packing equipment. With this ongoing pandemic, the only good part is still being able to shop online. So take this time to go through this list below!

Here we go…


If you do not own one, now is the time to add it to your wardrobe. Cape jackets are easy, breezy, and can be used to layer on top of a huge amount of garments. If you want to just own one cape, go with neutral, white or blacks.


Pallazo pants are an absolute must for any woman’s wardrobe today. You can wear pallazo’s with blacks or whites or also go with a color opposite to it on the color wheel. To give you a good example, try complimenting orange pallazo’s with a pink body suit/top.


Packing cubes are one of the best buy’s for the frequent traveller. Using Packing cubes helps keep all your clothes in order, and makes it super easy to find them in your suitcase. It also helps with clothes that get crumpled easily. There are many variations and options in packing cubes, so make sure you get cubes that compliment your packing needs.


Who doesn’t fancy a perfect handbag?

There are just so many different kinds, types, sizes for different purposes available off the net. Many times however, handbags can be expensive and out of your budget. So, I have put together a couple of handbags that are below 30$ and good quality. With handbags, since taste can be very subjective I have added three different links for: a tote, a cane and a clutch bag.


Save yourself from the pain of using tweezers and add in a rechargeable eyebrow trimmer to your must-have’s list. I was so relieved since I started using this pencil as it trims the eyebrows evenly, quickly and absolutely painless. The best part is also about it being lightweight and easy to take with me when I travel.


As unique as it sounds, an exclusive product for women who want the an ultra-fine booty scrub formula contains a unique mix of oils, extracts, antioxidants and essential fatty acids. Say bye to acne, slay stretch marks and tell cellulite to be gone by using That booty tho. 


If you are tired of spending the time using a highlighter and want a quick fix to this problem, it is time to use FutureDew. This is an oil serum that makes your skin shiny, radiant, and gives you a post workout look. I have used this as a serum replacement for a highlighter on many days and it works it’s magic!


Most women spend a lot of money finding “The Concealer” that suits them the most. After using so many of them, the best one I ever came across is the Two Faced Concealer. The best part about it is it is not too cakey, but gives you a full coverage look. It also blends super quickly and you do not need to spend hours fixing your face with this.


Since we are talking makeup, finding the right lipstick can be a challenge. NARS makes the best matte liquid lipstick that lasts hours. The power matte pigment is an amazing formula that sets so well and is available in multiple colors. My color recommendations would be two shades: Save the Queen, and Under my Thumb. Under my thumb is a much bolder, darker tone and save the queen is a better day lipstick.


Yes, you heard that right. Write whatever you want onto this book and when you want to erase the content in the book, put it into your microwave. Above all, save paper by using this book and wiping out notes you do not need and transfer older notes to any smart device. This is my go-to for making notes about my blog, travel and so on.


Denim is a classic and a must have in your closet. If you do not own one, now is the best time to get one. Denim compliments a huge range of outfits and is one of the best layers to opt for. You can even choose a longline denim jacket or a color denim jacket to add more spice into the wardrobe. I love this longline jacket from Shein in terms of quality and design, the best part is it is right at 30$.


Finding the perfect swimsuit may look easy, but it can be challenging finding just the right one. For the more body conscious women, opt for a high waist bikini swimsuit and go in for darker colors and patterns. Fit is key when it comes to bikinis, and there are brands with options but they are super expensive. Check out this Victoria Secret Pink Bikini set for a good fit.


One of the biggest trends today is athleisure and it comes with pairing your clothes with a lot of sneakers. Do consider buying a white and black sneaker to pair them with all outfits and if you want to be more bold with it, opt for sneakers with a lot of color. I am adding my favorite white and black sneakers I think are an amazing buy for a great price.


Printed or plain, midi skirts are one of the best kinds to have in your wardrobe for a good summer day. Based on which kind of skirt it is, choose something to pair it with that suits the occasion. If it is a party go for a sequin midi skirt with a plain bodysuit and vice versa. You can even opt for a simple white shirt over a printed midi skirt. Check out this tulle skirt from H&M that you can add to your shopping list today.


With midi skirts also come maxi dresses which are a great choice for a breezy, long outfit. For women struggling with weight gain or post pregnancy this is a great buy that will make you look leaner. Pair maxi dresses with sheer overlays or simple denim jackets for the best results. I loved this tubeless maxi from Nordstrom, check it out!


A sleeveless vest is a relatively new styling garment that you can layer with over a classic black on black or white on white look. You can choose this white styling vest to put it over any garment that makes it look like a perfect blend of casual and semi-formal.


Having salon done manicured nails all the time can be time consuming and not so cost effective. Static’s reusable pop-on nails give you a perfect, non-damaging manicure in just a few minutes. You can wear them for weeks straight and try out my favorite inspired from tiffany’s blue nails. You can have them removed, reapplied, painted, and even reshaped for full customization.


Very simple, but also much needed product in everyone’s work space. Using the right pen can be useful to people who write a lot, and use a lot of diaries. Pens set a lot of my writing mood and it took me a while to find the right 2mm nib. Markers are another ball game all together and if you are a designer or artist it comes under fundamental shopping lists. Copic markers are the best I have ever used and almost work like paint pens with a two-sided nib. I use a lot of copics for my illustrations in fashion and I would recommend picking up a skin tone and a few vibrant tones.


Fit is everything when it comes to trousers and with having so many variations in fit and design, it can get quite tricky choosing the right one. Aesthetic is also important while picking the right trouser, so I chose this one from Shein which is a solid buttoned tapered trouser.


An important addition for any health and fitness enthusiast, activewear includes having a good pair of yoga pants, sports bras with shorts and jackets. There are great options with yoga pants and brands like Alo Yoga and Athleta have an amazing collection of pants. If you are a type of person who wants one pair of amazing pants, go for those brands. However, if you want cheaper options and more variety check out these ultra soft yoga pants from UniQlo which are super affordable!


Layers are the most convenient ways to add an element of chic into your outfit. Choosing a layer should be based on what you are wearing underneath it. If you have a black dress, go in for a nice denim jacket or a shrug. But if you are looking for something more interesting and graceful, check out this white chiffon overlay. You can wear this with white jeans or pants and wear a plain or printed bodysuit and you are good to go!


On those very same lines, to compliment the overlays choosing a couple of bodysuits can be fun. Bodysuits are inexpensive, and come in so many different types and sizes. The best looking one’s are those with mesh, sequins, printed and plain bodysuits. Check out this playful bodysuit from Macy’s !


Finding the perfect dress is as hard as finding a denim that perfectly fits your body. One of my most favorite dresses is this one from Bohoo. I love how sleek it is and I also love the color variations it has to offer. It is a perfect choice for a nice brunch or movie date.


Living in the Pacific Northwest and having to experience a lot of rain, investing in a good raincoat is a great idea. Instead of going for the classic covered raincoat boring look, try out transparent raincoats. For the one’s who love to dress, these raincoats won’t steal your outfit of the day by concealing them.


Boots are an essential part of every women’s closet during the cold winters or rainy days. Boots can also just be a classic style statement when paired up with a beautiful dress or pants. It is hard to find boots that are great and all under 30$, so check out these shiny boots from Target. Also consider some thigh high boots from Kohl’s that are a good fit if you are looking for this.

#26 COAT

Winters are incomplete and cold without a good coat. When i choose coats, I always think of style, color and comfort in mind. There are many brands who manufacture coats that fit into those three categories other than price. If you don’t have really cold winters where you live, consider more lightweight coats. Check out this coat from Berry Look and for more check out Shein.


For all the working women who spend a lot of time in front of their laptops, check out this macbook keypad case loaded with a lot of love.


Any two piece set, which includes a blazer and shorts or pants with a shirt is a must have when it comes to the co-ords. To find good options under 30$ check out a lot of these on Ali Express and Shein. Wearing a two piece set can give you a final look that sets you apart from the rest.


The five minute everyday journal is one of the best books you can invest in if you are looking at a self-improvement book. The Five Minute Journal’s approachable and structured exercises will lead you down a path toward an enhanced version of the person you already are.


This is one of the most unique power adapters I have come across and it is essential for travelers to have the right one. It is smart controlled with three slots for your chargers and can be mounted under tables as well. Check out this amazing adapter by BESTEK for your future travels.

So those were my top 30 under 30$ list with a lot of exciting products to look out for. The Road Dress Travelled is focused on fashion, beauty and travel and the products I recommended fall under that category. It’s time to go shopping!

Let me know what you thought of the 30 products under 30$ list and leave your comments below.

Till then, stay safe and happy

Lots of Love,

The Road Dress Travelled x