Fashion is all about being authentic, having fun and representing yourself with your clothes. Many of us do have lovely clothes in our wardrobes and may not know how to put it all together. Fashion is about what clothes you have, style is about how you wear it. So, I thought of writing this blog about how you can style different clothes, from my wardrobe to help you through a whole week.

You may not have the exact same tone, shape or type of garment I write about, but by just using the basic principles of styling you can create something similar. I have not mentioned any brand names on this blog since the idea is not really what brand it is, but how to wear it. In this curated list you will have a chance to look at outfits that are casual, monochrome, whites, dinner dresses, suits and chic outfits together for you to choose from.

Without further adieu, let’s get started with The Road Dress Travelled wardrobe…


Starting off with “white’s on white’s”. This is one of my all time favorite go-to looks. Easy, breezy and simple to put on, there is something about the color white. You can try the same look with blacks, browns or nudes. Don’t forget to accessorize with a nice pair of vibrant heels, a bag that can match up to it. Keep it simple with the jewelry with a nice pair of hoops and a ring.


My second look for the week is what I call “Chic Mix”. I have paired a floral skirt, with a green blouse, layer it up with a black cape jacket. Cape jackets are a perfect mix of formal and casual. Don’t shy away from layering a cape on almost anything, so I recommend you buy either a white or black cape to start with. If you already own one, try to wear monochrome colors like a pink on pink with a black cape. Style this look with a high pony and some heels that suit the look.


Using layers can be absolute fun when you choose any outfit. You can layer this with a jacket, a shrug or a longline coat. Keep the shades inside simple, I decided to go with a nude look inside with my browns. With styling, it is all about choosing a few themes, colors and playing with it in balance. Styling is an art, and takes time to master it, so in the meantime, keep experimenting!


One of the most stylish trends out there today are maxi skirts, pair them up with a blazer of the same color or different color if they get along well. These are totally upbeat looks you can wear to a lunch, coffee, or day out dining. Use a nice cami top on the inside and use blazers over skirts. One important but tiny detail is to always wear this look with a pair of heels and to make sure the skirt is a “midi” and not a maxi skirt. One hack to get around this is to roll up the skirt.


One of the classic, staple statements is to go with a monochrome outfit. Instead of sticking with something boring, I paired up this sleeveless longline coat with these capris. I would recommend buying them all as one set, so you get an ideal color match. For whatever reason, if you cannot find a match, go ahead and choose any color you can make a monochrome set out of from your wardrobe.


If you are looking for something casual, but fun to wear to a lunch or a coffee, go for a simple dress or a cape dress. The advantage of wearing a cape dress is that it makes you look thinner and the dress flows quite effortlessly. I chose to wear a pink dress keeping a brunch in mind. Pair this dress up with a nice clutch bag, some flats and you are good to go!


To finish your week off in style, here is my version of dinner date. I paired up one of my most favorite embroidery skirts with my cape and a cami. I chose some beige pumps and baby pink earrings to go along with my outfit. You can replace this embroidery skirt with a printed skirt or satin midi skirt. The accessories play an important part in framing the look together, so make it a point to chose the right bag and shoes. If you go for a plain top and printed skirt, chose your bag and shoes in the same color tone. I do not own a gold clutch bag (yet), if not that would be my pick for this outfit!

I hope you enjoyed my style look book for the week, let me know what you think of these looks and what stands as a favorite. I would love to hear recommendations on what you would like to see me style. That’s all for now, sending you all lots of love, light and ideas to play dress up!

Lots of Love,

The Road Dress Travelled x