I wanted to take an opportunity to write a blog about my journey with blog, “The Road Dress Travelled” which recently completed a year. The Road Dress Travelled is a collection of my memories and an amalgamation of fashion, beauty and travel. The Road Dress Travelled gives me a platform through which I can share my experiences, thoughts and advice.

Most importantly, I want my blog to be a great place to connect with my audience, where we can interact about our ideas on so many interesting subjects! This blog is where I have the complete freedom to express my thoughts about fashion, travel and beauty. I have been very blessed to find wonderful opportunities and content to always share with my audience. A week ago, I had the chance to share my feature on FeedSpot as

“The Top 15 Fashion Travel Blogs to read in 2020”.

This news has definitely made me more motivated and I have been planning for lots of more interesting content.

What is Feedspot?

Feedspot is a web portal for reading content online, where you can have all your favorite websites in one place.

  • You can add your favorite Blogs, news websites, RSS Feeds, Youtube Channels and Social media accounts to your Feedspot account. This is a way for you to read new updates from one place.
  • Using this kind of a content reader helps you keep up with the latest information with relation to your top sources online. This way the content comes straight to you, saving you lots of time rather than trying to surf on the web each time.
  • Feedspot also keeps a track of what you have been reading, this way you only see the unread items. This makes it easier when try to log in every time with different devices.
To read more about the feature you can log on to the link below and share it!

Lots of Love,

The Road Dress Travelled x