Welcome to my beauty journal!

With COVID-19 being around, it has been a truly difficult time for many people. At the same time, it has also been challenging in many ways keeping up with the news buzzing our phones each day. That being said, it gives us a lot of time at home to fill our carts online.

So, I wanted to share some upbeat information about makeup products I have truly been loving. This could be useful for those looking for some basic makeup fixes, or learning something about new makeup in the market. I am going to sharing a combination of products I have been using for a long time vs. those that I have newly discovered.

This will give you a complete idea on what you should be using for your skin. Many of the shades that I use are based on my skin tone, so the only variation for you would be selecting the right shade for your tone.

The Kunafa setting powder was perfect for the Indian skin tone, and this was my first time ever trying out setting powder. Though I haven’t had the time to use this setting powder for long hours yet, I am waiting to. I love how it matched my Indian skin tone and makes the appearance look really soft. Get it today at:

The Two faced concealer is an absolute win! I had been looking for a perfect full coverage concealer for a long time. I used to love the NARS concealers before I got my hands on this one, but now I am in love. I use this one almost like a foundation because it covers up and blends super easily without being too cakey. This is absolutely the best concealer I ever tried, go get yours now!

I was never naturally drawn towards eyeshadows but over the last two years, I use way more of it. This one was a gift from my lovely sister and I remember spotting this palette in Sephora when I was with her. We both were standing in front of this palette and staring at the beautiful shades it had to offer. The design of the box outside was so stunning with it’s display that it does draw your attention to it. I have been in absolute awe of the lovely shades inside it. To buy it shop at:

I had my eyes on MILK for a while and to start with, I love the bold use of design in all the packaging. This mascara is for those looking for volume and to give up using false lashes. I am not a fan of false lashes as I love my natural lashes, and use them very rarely. I do however love a perfect mascara that amplifies the eyes. This one will do the work for you! To get it today, shop at:

Last, but not the least because I use it EVERY DAY!

This one is my all time favorite lipsticks because it offers me shades that suit me and matte which is key for me. This a lipstick I have been using for about 2 years now. I hate lipsticks that smudge too much, so this one is a perfect fix, My favorite shade is SAVE THE QUEEN from NARS and is also my recommendation. It is a perfect daily lipstick that is bold enough, but not super loud!

Thank you all for reading and drop in your suggestions and feedback about what you want me to write about next!

Till then,

Lots of Love,

The Road Dress Travelled x