7 Work From Home outfits you will love!

It’s been about 20 odd days since I have been in quarantine, and I am sure all my readers have similar stories to share. One of the most difficult parts of this quarantine for most people has been staying at home and working from home. When I thought about what I should write my next blog on, I thought to myself what better time to share with you my top 7 work from home outfits perfect for a whole week.

Many of you may ask, why do I need a work from home outfit?

Well, maybe you have spent your professional life waking up, getting ready, driving for a while and getting to work. However, a few people like me in the world work remotely, and freelance their way professionally. But just because I work from home, it doesn’t mean I sit down in my PJ’s and shower much later in my day.

One of the biggest lessons I have learned about working remotely/or from home is to set a routine, set a specific workspace and set goals for yourself. Without these elements, working from home will never be exciting or rewarding. So,

So, now that you know why you need work from home outfits, I am going to be sharing some of my favorites. These outfits are easy, breezy and can be customized to whatever you have in your wardrobe.


Everyone has one white tee in their wardrobe and that is a good place to begin. Pairing this white tee with jeans, or culottes make them serious enough, but also super comfy.



Most women may have a jumpsuit or two in their wardrobe and if you don’t maybe now is the time to invest in some. For those of you who need to take video conferences, pairing up a blazer can feel good and look great!


Style denim on denim

Denim is one of the classics and it is such a lovely garment because of the fact that it looks chic but yet super classy. You can pair up some super sweet earrings and slip on’s and enjoy your Monday mornings from home.



Sweatpants are probably one of the most comfy pants you have out there. But if you need a more professional on top, and comfy bottom kind of outfit this is it. You can pair it with some silver hoops and sneakers and you are good to go!



Now this is one of my personal favorites because of how formal, yet comfortable this looks. These are some of the basics, however you can pick up almost any shirt dress in your wardrobe and accessorize it with a belt and some slippers.



Pick up almost any skirt you have in your wardrobe and pair it up with some nice earrings and a nice white shirt. While I was putting together the outfits and adding the heels, I was thinking about how customizable almost any of these outfits are.



For all the Indians, this is probably one of the most comfy home outfits. The pants being loose and more of a palazzo style make it so much more easy to move around with. The best part about Indian wear is that you get so many materials and textures of this same outfit for you to play around with.

The most important thing about work from home outfits is making it look professional but also super comfy. Working from home has it’s advantages and disadvantages but, trying to make it a priority to get ready (not because you meet so many people at work) but to create a more positive work space environment.

That’s all for now, these were my super 7 tips on styling the perfect work from home outfits!

Lots of Love,

The Road Dress Travelled x