25 fun things to do during self quarantine

The world is dealing with an uncharted territory since Covid-19 has affected all of us in various ways. My heart goes out to all those who have been under direct impact with the virus. Even though staying at home can be quite tough for many of us, it is tougher having the virus and being ill. The most difficult part is that we don’t know how many days this outbreak will go on for and it is out of our control. One of the biggest learnings from this should be that, instead of focusing on hoping when it will stop, we could do a lot of interesting activities which keep you and those around you safe.

The quarantine has not affected me in a negative way since I have always trained myself to be flexible in an environment: indoors and outdoors. At the start of 2020, I had created a list of activities and projects I would like to do and now I value that priceless list. Self quarantine has so many benefits such as recharging your physical and mental self, nurturing a new side of you, learning to be happy being self sufficient, you can pamper yourself by doing things you truly love and above all reconnect with yourself and your family.

So here, I have jotted down my top 25 things to do during self quarantine!

#1 Join an Online Class

In today’s world with technology being so advanced, we have so many opportunities with online classes. Some examples of those classes can be calligraphy, doodling, illustrations, origami, psychology, ceramics, graphology, karaoke, self defense, archaeology, musical instruments and much more. Explore any side that you are passionate about!

#2 Learn a Language!

I have been taking this time to practise my Spanish and I do so with a learning app: https://www.rosettastone.com/ It is interactive and you can choose between a huge range of languages!

#3 Plant a Tree!

This is a thought that very few of us think of, but it is a fun activity to do in your surrounds with your family. It takes just a few minutes, and has very high rewards for our environment. With lesser people heading out of their homes, it also means lesser pollution. What better time to do it?

#4 Create a Time Capsule!

A time capsule is a fun activity that any age group can explore. You can write down your thoughts, notes, what is happening in your life and the world and discover it years later.

#5 Watch TED Talks!

We live in a world of information and TED talks are a great source of that information. It is wonderful to watch our favorite TV shows, but we all binge watch and do not know how time passes. You can make that binge watching so much more informative with TED talks. https://www.ted.com/talks

#6 Adopt a baby elephant, giraffe or rhino!

Yes! You heard that right. Elephants are one of my most favorite animals so I had a chance to explore https://www.sheldrickwildlifetrust.org/orphans/apollo

This is an organization based in Kenya working towards the welfare of these animals who are threatened, orphaned or need support. Once you adopt an animal, you are given an adoption certificate and monthly updates about the animal you adopted.

Picture Credit: Sheldrickwildlifetrust.org

#7 Pray!

For all the religious folks out there, this is a good opportunity to learn something new about your religion. The world needs some prayers at this point and I have been doing it every single day. Whatever your religion may be, this may be a good time to spend a few minutes each day for this.

#8 Plan a date night with your partner/ by yourself

For all those of you quarantined with your partner, plan a nice dinner at home, with your favorite song and meal. This can be a good chance to enjoy quiet moments at home with the people you love the most.

#9 Go on a long drive

Get onto your car and keep driving to the most quietest scenic routes around you. If you don’t know some of those places, get onto google maps and take a look at which places are close to you. Put on some of your favorite songs and do a nice road trip!

#10 Watch childhood videos and photos

This can be a good time to reconnect with your memories and look at the best moments from your past. It is always a great feeling to look at your milestone photos with your parents, friends, husband, wife and everyone who is special to you.

#11 Try a new workout class

There are so many fun workouts you can do which are totally free and interactive on Youtube. You can try unexplored workouts like zumba, tabata and radio taiso. This is one of the most exciting tabata workouts on the internet. The first time I tried it, gosh I was so tired!! This is the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XIeCMhNWFQQ

For those of you who have a little more space at home, try a daily 10,000 step challenge.

#12 Listen to Podcasts

This was one of the most unexplored zones for me, until about a year ago and now I do it much more often. I use podcasts, and apps like Audible and Blinkist to listen to my audio books. I love podcasts as you can be driving, eating or in the shower and be learning, so pick a subject of your choice and listen away. The best audiobook I can recommend is “The Obstacle is the way” by Ryan Holiday.

#13 Do a Wardrobe and Home Cleanse!

This is probably the best time to do this since we are all at home and have all this time. Try some DIY projects, an d get rid of any items at home that you are just not using. Declutter all the junk that you can not get rid off when you do not have time on a usual basis.

#14 Try Experimental Cooking!

This may be the best time for you to spend in the kitchen, cooking and baking and it does not have to be fattening or junky for you to be creative. You can try and make some healthy recipes as well.

#15 Unplug devices and do a social media detox!

With the constant news updates flooding our phones, there seems to be not a day going by without hearing about coronavirus. It is not just that since all other social media platforms have memes and more of it. This is a chance to detox from it all and take a social media break.

#16 Go on a Picnic near an isolated lake/hill

Because of the social distancing many of us are feeling trapped at home and depressed. Heading to a place early in the morning when you can go on a hike or to a picnic spot far away from home around nobody would be a good idea. You can carry a nice picnic basket and a mat to sit down and play some games or read a book.

#17 Time for some Gardening!

It could be a good time to try some new skills like gardening. If you have a preexisting lawn, plants this is can be a chance to nurture those plants. Plant some beautiful flowers that can add a good aesthetic and mood to the space.

#18 Practise Yoga and Meditation

This has been a personal habit to me since December 2019 and it has significantly made a difference in my life. Being isolated is one of the best times to practise meditation and yoga asanas which are available online. I practise Leslie Fightmaster Yoga: https://www.youtube.com/user/lesleyfightmaster

#19 Create life goals with personal projects in mind

The COVID-19 outbreak can be ongoing and it may have already taken a way a lot of plans. But, the next half of the year may not need to be that way. So this can be a great time to put down defined plans for the rest of the year. Buying a new diary and writing down a list of plans and objectives you would like to achieve. These plans can even be focused on personal development.

#20 Create your own blog

With more people on having the time to spend on the internet, this can be a good opportunity to write a blog about anything you are passionate about. It could range from lifestyle, fashion, cooking to travel and much more. Finding a way to monetize your passions is a great way to begin.

#21 Have a Spa Day!

Taking a good night’s rest and have a long bath, doing your nails and hair is a super relaxing way to spend sometime. Get some of those bubble solutions and sit in the tub, enjoy your favorite music and binge eat afterwards!

#22 Organize your laptop and your photographs!

Most of our laptops are cluttered with tons of photos and videos and files. This can be productive time sorting that mess out and taking backups of your memories. With me traveling as much, I realized sorting my photos when I am on the trip is far better than saving it for later. So take this as a chance to declutter.

#23 Learn new vocabulary!

This was one of my personal challenges this year, as I wanted to improve my vocabulary. So I thought a good challenge would be to learn one new word in the English vocabulary each day. Which ever language you speak, this can be a good challenge to set your mind to.

#24 Watch your favorite movies!

I saved this one for the last because I know it is probably the most convenient form of entertainment. It is lovely to enjoy a favorite movie or tv show but just try not pending your whole day doing that! haha!

#25 Face a Fear!

All of us have some kind of fear, or something that stops us from being our most efficient selves in day to day life. You may have problems like stage fear, communicating with family, phobias or anything that you are not addressing, This is the time to find a way to deal with it, practise it and coach yourself for it.

These were my top 25 things to do during the pandemic we are facing. I hope above all, you all stay safe, stay happy and find a way to engage yourselves positively.

Lots of Love,

The Road Dress Travelled x