Quote of the Week: Changes in 2020


It’s 2020, and a couple of days ago I happened to google a list of top things to do in 2020. I went through a number of activities on that list such as: 

Have a spa day 

Fix all the folders on your laptop

Travel to some place you wanted

And then I came across a point that said “Give up a bad habit” 

When I decided to come up with the quote of the week, I decided to write a blog about how I experienced a significant change in my life, and a quote to support it. The people who know me closely, know that I was a nail biter. But I consciously say “I was” because with huge amount of pride I am going to say I got rid of the bad habit. And I’m also going to confess that it took a lot of effort and determination to do it. 

Determination is a key aspect in wanting to change a bad habit, and also the perseverance to keep up with it. The first step is often wanting to make a change, and it surely started that way with me. 

Right since I was really little, I had this bad habit of bitting my nails. The habit stayed on with me for about 15 years. There are plenty of times I’ve tried to get rid of the habit, starting from trying to paint my nails black, to taping them or setting myself a daily reminder. 

I started to opt for acrylic stick on nails that would stay on the surface of my nail, allowing the natural nails beneath to grow. This technique worked until the acrylic nails would keep falling once in 5 days and the second it would fall, I would start biting again. 

Then I found another way out of it, to immediately stick a new nail on top of the fallen nail. I did this without giving it 5 minutes for me to go ahead and bite again. Believe it or not, this worked wonders, starting with 5 days, going on to a week, and soon it was 2 weeks. When 4 weeks had passed, the natural nails grew so long that the artificial one’s were falling. And when I saw my nails, I said WOW. 

I was proud that I found a constructive way to deal with my issues and thought it through well, with a will to change. I then realised I didn’t even want to bite my nails anymore. They were looking beautiful! I then started to do what anyone else would do, all the things I’ve dreamed of with my nails. I bought all those fancy OPI’s, kept painting my nails for days. I clicked photos in all angles of those gorgeous nails. 

I then realised, I should share this story, it may give you ideas, or it may help you as a nail biter yourself. So many people around the world battle with some kind of issues, but the solution is to find a way by thinking through it rationally. Whether it’s alcohol, or drugs, or nails, or junk food, whatever it is that you can’t stop doing. There are ways, no matter how impossible it seems at first. 

This quote is one of the most inspirational quotes you will listen to by Patrick Bet David. I had pinned this quote on my wall in my bedroom all through my 5 years of architecture. It gave me the strength and motivation to do things I never thought I would do. 

Link to watch Patrick Bet David on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h-KHWUq3B7I

Signing off,

With Lots of Love,

The Road Dress Travelled x