What’s in my Makeup Bag?

Hello all my beauty addicts!

 Like every year, this year I have been trying out loads of new amazing products, and I wanted to share some of my absolute favorites.  However, it is not quite possible to review each product in the market, so I chose to write a blog on the one’s I use. This blog covers all my daily products starting from my skin, lips, eyes and much more. I decided to take you’ll through two steps on this makeup blog;

-Giving you a tour of my makeup kit and how I travel with it!

My 2020 product recommendations, that I continue to use year after year for its great quality. 

My frequent readers know, I do not post about products I don’t use myself or things I am totally aware about, without further delay let’s start…

The first thing about my makeup is that it is hosted in one big kit, rather than many small kits. I personally prefer it this way, for a couple of reasons.

The reason being, I travel a lot I do not often have time to keep unwinding items into smaller kits. Having one big kit, saves a lot of my time, and it is much easier for me to remember. In the video, I have gone through all my products in my kit, but if you feel like you need more guidance on what products are right for your skin, you can reach out!

I have listed down each and every product in the video, so that you can shop for them now!










In the last few years, the makeup and skin industry has been booming with new innovations and there are so many products to choose from. The reality is, we cannot try all of them, and many of those products don’t suit everyone of us. However, it is much easier for me to recommend products I use on a daily basis, that I know of rather than the unknown. To add to, all these products will completely depend on your skin type, your hair texture, and what works for you. Here below, I am adding my 2020 list of most favorite products.

Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation SPF15

The Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation SPF 15, is a seamless product for the skin. I love it because it is not thick like most foundations or patchy making it look uneven. When you use a concealer below this foundation, it does wonders making your skin look flawless. If you use a primer, it looks even better.

The Bobbi Brown Crushed Lip colour! 

This is a recent addition to my makeup kit, I always used the NARS liquid mattes, however this lipstick is simply amazing. It’s got a glossy, yet matte kind of natural appeal to it. The shade I use is called “In a Jam” and it suits the Indian skin tone beautifully. I am going to be experimenting with a lot more of these shades from this line of Bobbi Brown very soon. I would really recommend this one! 

The NARS Matte Finish Concealer 

This is a soft matte concealer, and has got a thick formula, but not too thick to look plastic. It’s very effective in covering the blemishes or acne or spots that you may have on your skin. Ever since I started using this, sometimes all I need is this. I go a lot of days without foundation, and just use this concealer and it looks beautiful. 

The Smash Box Setting Spray! 

I had been using the Smash-box liquid primer instead of this setting spray. However, quite recently I tried to experiment this new product. It’s really effective as a final setting spray after all the makeup is done because it keeps the makeup intact for long hours. I have to be honest, this cannot be a replacement for the liquid primer since that’s just seamless by the way it’s sits on your skin. However, this is a worth a try! 

The Sephora Black Eyeshadow! 

I have never been into too much eyeshadow in the past. However, the last year I did experiment with a lot of brown and bronze shades. I really just needed one black and not a whole palette because I really do not use colors like pink, blue, maroon over my eyes.

I stick to the browns, golds, silvers, bronze and black tones. So when I was looking just to add one single shade onto the palette, these Sephora shades are very effective. I like them because you can select most shades in a single container rather than choosing pre decided palettes. We all have those palettes with colors we are never going to use. These individual colors are worth a try! 

So that’s all for now on today’s makeup blog, keep reading with The Road Dress Travelled and stay tuned with the calendar for January!!

Lots of Love,

The Road Dress Travelled x