Paragliding through January!

We are almost mid way through January and I already feel like I have so much going on!

Paragliding is one of the most exciting and new experiences that I’ve been introduced to in the last year. The last two weeks, I’ve had a chance to witness two paragliding competitions at a lake side town of Valle De Bravo, Mexico. One of them having 25 paraglider’s and the other having up to 150 participants. When all those gliders are up in the air, it looks like human confetti and butterflies moving around. I’ve received so many questions about paragliding and whether I’ve done it myself- the answer is yes! 

But just once, the reason being I did it for a one time experience- my husband is the real pilot here. One thing’s for sure, paragliding looks easier than it is. There are plenty of flight rules, take off conditions, landing conditions that I never knew of until the last few months. 

When I have my moments of reflection, I think about how so many events in my life have drastically transformed over the last year. My husband has given me a chance to witness his life in full galore. 

Starting from paragliding, sailing, flying a plane, running ultramarathons, climbing mountains, to travelling to new countries and experiencing their cultures, it’s all been new. Taking part in them is one angle, witnessing them is another. I’ve had the opportunity to witness them completely. I know that maybe, this isn’t for everyone but I look at it like an opportunity to be a part of these amazing experiences. Very recently, I sat down to plan my entire year, and I’m so excited and looking forward to some bright experiences. 

I think planning is an excellent start for me, as it makes me have a vision about the coming year. Because I spend a lot of time traveling, bringing with me the things I need on a certain trip needs to be planned before hand. Another confession is, I never planned my year so thoroughly ever before. And I don’t even know why I didn’t choose to do it. 

Because many people asked me about paragliding, I decided to post a video of the landing and take off!

This blog is all about being visual and showing you all some of the stunning shots I’ve had a chance to click. There were plenty of take off’s I’ve had a chance to look at, and I’m posting my best moments in the form of this video, from the Monarcha competition.

Signing off,

With Lots of Love,

The Road Dress Travelled x