Quote of the Week: A Shooting Star!

The last couple of days, I had a super hectic time, with plenty of errands to run. My day started with waking up on January 3rd in Seattle, doing some house work, heading to the airport to catch my flight to San Jose. I had been traveling to San Jose to host a baby shower for my sister. I landed in San Jose at about 3:50pm, and had to get to the venue as soon as possible as we had guests arriving by 6pm. After renting a car at the airport, preparing items for the baby shower, I reached the venue at 4:30pm. I was lucky to have my mom helping me with the decoration. My husband had to rush in the meantime to pickup all the food and cakes we needed for the event. The hasty decoration was done by 5:50pm, but it was looking good!

We started to expect guests, and I had to be setting up in the meantime and host the games for the event. The added twist was the next flight I needed to catch was just 3 hours later to Mexico City. After the event, me and my husband were winding up things super quickly and we drove to San Francisco to catch our flight. Flying all night, I ended up at Mexico City at about 5:30am, you can only imagine how tired I was!

It took me one whole day to get back my energy levels, which were depleted by 5:30am. Took a lot of power naps through the day, but now when I look at my photos, it was a beautiful time I had there.

However, there is one very beautiful event I happened to experience, very unrelated to the other things happening. When I was on that red eye flight to Mexico City, I happened to look outside my window.

I saw a shooting star!

So fascinated by the fact I saw one, I kept looking at that beautiful night sky, and in a matter of a few minutes, I saw another. I was simply amazed, and 20 minutes were up and I saw SEVEN shooting stars. It was so ethereal, it took my sleep away!

When I got off my flight, curious, I googled about meteor shower calendars in 2020. I then came to realize, I just witnessed The Quadrantids which was the first major celestial event of 2020. The peaks were said to be on Friday night and early Saturday morning. The greatest number of meteors will be visible at 3:20 a.m. ET on Saturday, January 4 and I was wide awake looking at them. The Quadrantids are known for bright fireball meteors with long, glowing tails, and I am so happy i accidentally came across this!

It was true Serendipity!

When I was looking outside the window, I thought to myself, what a lovely universe and how small we are in comparison to it all. I was thinking to myself, sometime in 2020, I am going to find a place to travel to and spend more time looking at this night sky. I need more of this in my life, to feel gratitude, to feel value for this life and just absorb. As an astrologer, it fascinates me to also think of how our forefathers, could map down all the data regarding planets.

It made me realize, nearly everything we feel is a result of our minds. The stronger the mind, lesser the negativity. Most things in life are just a reaction to our minds way of interpreting things.

It reminded me of this quote that I am going to be sharing today…

Lots of Love,

The Road Dress Travelled x