True Confessions of a Bride!

An interesting story about why I had to do my wedding makeup…!

It was the month of June, it had been a month before the wedding and I was caught up with plenty of tasks to do on my checklist. Every day I set out to accomplish at least 10 tasks on my to-do list. The toughest among all in my experience was having to book the makeup artist and the photographers.

I had to write in emails to many makeup artists in the industry, some were running on super busy schedules and had to be booked much prior to the event. I had started approaching makeup artists 5 months before the wedding and even that time was regarded as less. I had written emails to about 35 makeup artists, and some of them were high-status makeup artists who worked for Bollywood. Some of them were through my personal references, but I had a very uncomfortable experience with most of them.

When I started searching for makeup artists it was primarily through Instagram. Instagram has become such an important source of networking, so it was easy finding them. I wrote down a template to send to the makeup artists when I shortlisted them and started sending out polite emails. This template sent out to them was long and had mentioned details of where I am from, what services they render and what I am looking for.

And, to my surprise, three things happened…

Sometimes, they would never respond and there was an automated response saying they would get back. But I waited, and never heard back.

Sometimes, I would get emails that were one-liners and the mails started with the exorbitant prices they charged. I started to think about whether they were going to be painting my face with gold?

To add to this, there was even a big list of requirements that they placed starting from their food requirements to their stay. They would not come if their flight tickets were not paid by the host.

Sometimes, I would get decent responses.

When I started to experience these kinds of issues, it started to feel like a never-ending process of following up. It brought upon a sad disinterest and an unwillingness to want to have these people on such a special occasion of my life. But I had to arrive at one because I couldn’t possibly do everything for myself at my wedding.

So the time came and I did finally book a makeup artist and I rushed through this process. I was tired and needed to have everything in place. There were always new surprises that were brought up all through this process of finalizing. The experience with the photographers was fairly better, but by the time I finished working with the artists, I was just okay settling quickly on that matter.

But, this is the part when I am going to be writing about when life gives you lemons, why I really made some lemonade!!

It was the morning of July 7th, and I woke up with the thought of it being my Mehendi and Sangeeeth that day. The Mehendi was scheduled to start at 5:00 pm that evening. The guests had started coming in a day prior and I had to join them for breakfast.

BUT, the MOST unexpected thing happened…

I opened up my messages to read that the photographer’s and priest’s flight was canceled and they were unable to make it to Jaisalmer. The makeup artist was flying in from Delhi and was at Surat during this period of time. With a lot of struggle, the photographer, and priest got on board to the flight from Mumbai to Jaipur. We had no option but they bring them into the venue by car in a way they could reach Suryagarh, Jaisalmer late at night or the next morning. We were organizing their transport from Jaipur by car.

But as you can imagine, that just means we did not have a photographer for the Mehendi and Sangeeth. Me being me, I did not just give up. I was all alone in my room that morning, I picked up the phone, started thinking about what I can do right now. I first started to look at alternate flight connections and which way I could bring these folks in. The options looked extremely slim.

I picked up my phone and begin to look for photographers who could make it to the venue on time. The best bet was from Jodhpur, a city 4 hours away from Jaisalmer. I made two calls and none of those photographers picked up and then one of them did. I am going to use this opportunity to mention their names because they deserve credit. The name of the photography team was WedShooter. I had called in and briefed them about the situation and how this was an emergency and whether they were in for this adventure. To my surprise, they instantly agreed and told me that their team can be ready in 30 minutes. They didn’t ask for any demands, any requirements, just the address of where the wedding was taking place.

I went ahead with them instantly and they reached the venue by 3 pm and were there as they mentioned.

To my surprise, it was not one guy but a team of five people behind the drone, cameras, and video lens. They came in with uniforms and even gave us a special wedding gift, all this with 30 minutes to prepare for. How amazing is that?

An hour or two later, we got news the makeup artist’s flight was too canceled from Surat to Jaisalmer. This is when it really starting getting to me. I was with my fiance at that moment and it was then that I started to get teary-eyed. I guess it was a moment of being totally lost and wondering…

HOW am I going to do my own wedding makeup?

Well, the true answer is… I did it!!

The original makeup artists and photographers were nice enough to come all the way and they arrived at 6:00 am. I woke up at 2:30 am after a long sangeet evening and started to do my own bridal makeup. And I do not quite know how to put what I felt in words. But I know one thing for sure, I was smiling all through it.

This reminded me of how everything we go through a question of perspective. I think this situation was 8/10 on marriage disasters, but a positive attitude is the best makeup I brought with me to Suryagarh.

I look at what I had to go through now and I am happy I didn’t have 2, but 8 photographers shooting me for my wedding. And I am happy I was able to get the look I wanted doing it myself. I worked very hard to make the special day so unique because I knew I was marrying my dream man. The wedding was in the palace I dreamed of and wearing my dream designer Sabyasachi Mukherji made it ineffable.

What a story to tell our children…

A story of how not all the things we plan happen the way they were meant to be. The story of how I am always going to be very proud of looking at my wedding photographs and thinking I am not just the makeup artist, but the artist of my dreams…

The end…

Lots of Love,

The Road Dress Travelled x