Hey Everyone!

It’s been a really long time since I had the chance to write a blog.

For all those of you who have been following me for a while now, know that I had been occupied with my big Indian wedding. Indian weddings can be a mammoth task, especially South Indian weddings. The rituals and the tedious processes that revolve around it can be exhausting. But what’s better than working so hard to marry the love of your life?

The wedding followed a beautiful honeymoon to French Polynesia Kauai and Hawaii. The whole month of July has been a month of exploring. There were many long car drives and red eye flights to get to where we intended on. But every place we went to was so spectacular, we forgot about the jet lag. I am going to write a blog about my honeymoon soon and you will know what I had been upto!!

But first things first, so many of you had been asking me about the Sand Project, so I thought why not use this opportunity to write my thoughts down about that.

One of my personal projects that I had started years ago of collecting sand from all the places in the world I visit. This started off as something fun to do but it turned into something very meaningful to me. It reminds me about my personal experiences in each one of these places I’ve been to. I have collected sand from about 15 countries. Some friends were nice enough to help me, when i accidentally forgot to carry sand back home.

Recently, during my visit to Tahiti, I had the incredible opportunity to collect black sand. It is one of kind, and I’m so happy to add it to the collection.

And for the most obvious question many of you may have…

What do I plan on doing with all that sand?

Honest confession: I don’t know yet, but I have many ideas I brainstorm with!!

When I started the sand collection, it had just been a way to get me to remember the place I visited. I used to come back home after a long vacation and label my bottles and write down the beach I collected it from. But, once I started to travel much more often, there was more and more and more sand. I stored all of this in a trunk back home so I never faced storage issues, haha.

I have plenty of ideas and I don’t know yet which one I plan on materialising. I paint, and it’s been a while since I spent some quality time with a canvas. It occurred to me quite recently to try and use the sand and make a painting out of it.

My initial thought was to always create a world map with all the sand I’ve collected, but I know it is an ambitious project. I may not be able to travel to every country in the world. But I stay optimistic!

But I am always brainstorming on how I can use all this sand, and many more that I will continue to collect. The reason why I chose to write about this, is because I feel that every brain can be so unique in the way we perceive problems and creative solutions to them.

It would be so nice to hear from my readers about what you think i can use this sand for?

Please write in, and let me know what strikes your mind first, I would be so glad to try and implement that in anyway I can.

Even if I could use a single element of the idea, it could give me project so much more life.

I know a lot of people who collect sand from different parts of the world. For many it’s a souvenir and a way to remember the place.

For me, I think I cannot count the sand I collected but I can count the collection with this sand!

That for me would be a meaningful use of my memories!!

On that note, I look forward to hearing from you

all about the sand project, and in the meantime i

will keep collecting sand from the most spectacular places the world has to offer. This photo was from the beautiful island of Hawaii!

Lots of Love,

The Road Dress Travelled x