Let’s Talk Body Types?

Hey Everyone!

Starting my day off with an offbeat topic this time, but I feel like it is an issue we all have to deal with on an everyday basis. I thought of writing a blog on this topic because, I have come across loads of complicated body type articles which are hard to understand. It got me thinking, have you tried on a dress that looked beautiful in the store window, but when you wear it on, it probably looks awful?

Does this sound familiar?

Well, it doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with your body, it just means you need to dress according to your body shape. It took me a while to figure it out, but I believe it is so innate to me now that I rarely pick up something that would not work with my body type. But on the Bright Side, I have some super tips for you on what to wear to make your body type look its absolute best. I have divided the blog into four large categories, simply because they are more common body types.


This is an area where you could work with high neck, waist dresses, along with some tops and also try on some wrap dresses. I have always noticed the A-line dresses will do wonders for this kind of body type. Choosing tops that cover the entire stomach area and extend to the lower abdomen could help conceal the fat and make you look skinnier.

· In the what not to do section, avoid double layered jackets, any tops that bring in a bulky and clingy appeal.

· One thing I would recommend here is avoiding skinny jeans and straight leg pants especially if they are in lighter shades such as white. This would especially be valid for people who are slightly heavier on the top so the legs do not become the highlight.

Flared jeans could be tried on! 

· One hack I have always believed can transform a look is a belt. Instead of wearing a belt around the waist, wear it just below your bust and this would highlight the curves and minimize your waist.


· With this kind of figure, try and highlight your shoulders to balance the shape of your figure. Using layers such as scarves, pashminas and colourful necklaces can help you create that equal appeal.

· In terms of design, choosing a patterned, embellished top or dress could look much better than a plain dress. Making sure the shoulders look broader with the help of ruffle sleeves, puff sleeves could be a way to make this look better.

· Avoiding tight pants, capri pants, short skirts is better and choosing a more tailored, flared pants and A-line skirt kind of style will make you look leaner.

· Stick to the dark palette, for the bottoms and choosing a lighter top can make the look much better.


· Many of us do not have natural curves, but using clothes in a fashionable manner could help you create that look. Wearing a belt at the narrowest part of your waist to accentuate it would be one of the more obvious suggestions. Sticking to empire-waist dresses and wrap dresses is a great idea.

· Always wear tops that end somewhere mid waist and use this to enhance the shoulders with ruffled tops and skinny jeans

· Choosing underwear that provides good could define that waist line further.

· Peplum jackets, tops, dresses and skirts with a curvy edge to them will create the illusion of an hourglass shape.


· Highlighting your curves would be one of the most evident things to do. To elevate this feeling, choosing clothes that highlight the waistline is a good idea.

· Avoid baggy clothing, since you have the curves.

· Wearing undergarments that fit correctly!

· I would recommend V-neck tops and dresses if you want to make the curves look natural, pencil skirts are another way to accentuate the look.

After having a chance to read this, I am sure you know about what your body type is more closest to, and how dressing can impact the way you look hugely. A lot of this has been easy for me to understand over the years. As always I love to hear more from my readers and I would love to answer any questions about these body types!

Happy Reading…!

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The Road Dress Travelled x