What’s on my Bucket List?

Hey guys and I’m back again, but this time with a travel blog, because it has been a while I wrote about any upcoming travels and what’s on my…


This blog is going to be all about my bucket list for 2019, and I am revealing just a handful of things on my list. Also, I know its almost mid year but these are some things I am either about to do very shortly, or by the end of this year.

So I choose a way to share my bucket list, straight from my heart with the help of my amazing #Moleskine tab! Its super useful to me in my business venture as I use it to write down my most important notes, and easily transfer them. It is so useful because I sketch a lot, many of my illustrations can just be transferred straight from my notepad to my emails, so I absolutely love this buy!


My #BucketList is split up into two parts,

A. Where to Visit

B. Things to Do

I got this idea of maintaining a bucket list not too long ago, as my fiancé is key in making me develop this habit. He was the one to help me out with coming up with goals, some for myself, some together. Many people write to me asking me about how I manage my travels, and how I choose a certain destination to visit.

I do that by following a lot of pages on Instagram, there are plenty I like and one of the notable people I follow is Robert Micheal Poole, Vacation Goals pages and many more. I really like the kind of travel posts they put up from all over the planet. Some of the other places I visit are because of reasons of work, study or to travel with my fiancé supporting him in all his adventures. But the basis of it all is having this bucket list in the first place that helps me sort out my goals, decide on what I want to do this year and what i’m saving for next year and so on.

So let me now elaborate on the upcoming plans on my bucket list.


I am travelling to South Africa for the first time ever and it is to attend the amazing Comrades Marathon which my fiancé will be taking part in. I have never witnessed a marathon that large in scale so it is going to be just a phenomenal experience for me to do so. Not many of you may know this fun fact, but I grew up in Africa for the first few years of my life, so i’m super thrilled to be going back to the African continent after the year of 1998.

We are going to be doing some exciting Safari’s as well and I am a lover of wildlife! Will be doing an exclusive South Africa post with you guys soon.


The most awaited trip of the year for my Honeymoon and combined with Hawaii, it is going to be a great time with the love of my life. I have been waiting to go to Bora Bora half my life so I am just counting on that one.


Again, one of the most awaited destinations of the year, being the home of my soon to be in-laws I am super thrilled. Cannot wait to go binge on some nachos, tacos, burritos and enchiladas all day. That would be one great trip with the family!

Now that we are done with my places to visit, I am now going to talk about my things to do:


To start with, I am getting married, what can make this year more special than that? I am going through a rollercoaster of excitement. So many ask me about how it feels, and the best answer is it feels like a combination of amazing, exciting and a feeling of newness. Life would definitely be different, but it would be amazing!

Another great thing I plan to do this year, is go for an all India exclusive temple trip, this one I want to do for quite a while. Being Indian, the best part is always being able to enjoy the kind of architectural heritage we have. I have not visited so many temples especially in the Karnataka region.

Being an architect, I have however studied so many structures down south, but never got the actual opportunity to go enjoy it. I really enjoy those kinds of architectural marvels so I am super excited to be doing that trip.

Last but not the least,

My business and my blog. I will be launching my own brand in the near future, and I am always constantly, researching, reading and innovating. Putting my ideas together has been the hardest part, and trying to materialise the vision I have. Fashion has always been a subject of huge interest to me, I enjoy styling clothes, curating outfits and coming up with the most innovative designs. Trying to narrow down these plenty of ideas is one of my goals for this year.

The Road Dress Travelled has been such a great start for me for my blogging career. I love sharing my experiences, talking about them, it gives me a great feeling of accomplishment when I inspire someone else even if it is in the most minute way possible.

So that was my version of my bucket list, but I do want to hear what your version is!!

Please share with me your ideas on what is on your bucket list for 2019!

Lots of Love,

The Road Dress Travelled x