A Soft Summery Look

Hey guys!!

So here I am with yet another beauty blog post, and this time I am writing about

A summery look!

Writing this blog gave me a chance to reflect, and I think in terms of style, I have made a lot of changes in the way I dress and use makeup. I have been into wearing florals for the last year and a half, before which my style was much more plain. I loved the basics: a simple black tee and a nice pair of jeans, or a maxi dress which was plain and had a few elements of interest. But now, that has changed hugely!!

I have been able to curate so many floral outfits for the last few months and i’m going to share a few that I picked up from http://www.shein.com. Dresses weren’t such an integral part of my wardrobe, I always had them but didn’t wear them that often. But so, it now gave me a chance to create a makeup look that goes along with my outfit!!!

So this is a pretty yellow dress, perfect for summer, and I am surely keeping this one aside for all my beachy days ahead!!

The makeup looks I do, are usually really quick and easy to apply and I am going to run over all the beauty products I used in this simple 5 minute look.


SKIN: I used the #AnastasiaBeverlyHills concealer, and a #BobbiBrown SPF 15 weightless foundation. I love these two products mainly because they suit my skin tone, but also because they give me a flawless, weightless effect as if I were wearing absolutely no makeup!

EYES: I used the #BobbiBrown eyeshadow and went for a light brown shade that goes along with the brown on my dress. The eyeliner is something super simple I use, from #Lakme and I have been using it for years. To be honest I think I have not gone out of the way with eyeliners because the liquid eyeliner from Lakme just gives me the perfect cat eyes when I need them.

Shop the foundation: http://www.bobbibrown.com

LIPS: #Nars always produces my favourite lipsticks and I love the liquid matte collection. The shade I am wearing on this video is Save the Queen. Its a bit of Pink and Peach, just the way I love it.

Shop the Lipstick: http://www.nars.com

HIGHLIGHTER: The highlighter… always my favourite part of makeup, is from #AnastasiaBeverlyHills again. As you now know I use the same brands on many of the looks I do so the shades blend in and it looks super even. The Anastasia Beverly Hills four pallet is what I would recommend to all of you’ll using a highlighter for the first time.

Shop the Highlighter: http://www.anastasiabeverlyhills.com


Wasn’t that such a super quick read, telling you all about this simple summery five minute look by the #TheRoadDressTravelled.

Like always, I love to hear your comments and feedback, it is constant encouragement!

I’m going to be sharing three perfect summer dresses on my next post, so stay tuned with the blog!

Lots of Love

The Road Dress Travelled x