Review on: Best Looks from Cannes 2019


Earlier this month, celebrities were able to experiment heavily trying out with the campy theme of Met Gala. They have surely pushed it down a notch as they arrived for the Cannes Film Festival 2019. Super extravagant looks from all of them, and still recovering from some of the beautiful dresses and it has been really hard to choose my favourite looks from the gala.

I thought of sharing my ideas on the best outfits this year at Cannes and tell you exactly why I liked them. Im still not over some of the dresses worn by Eva Longoria had this high slit and looked elegant, Elle Fanning wearing this beautiful silky cape, Bella Hadid in Tulle, which happens to be my favourite fabrics to work with. Also, with the desi girl Priyanka Chopra’s stunning looks paired up with Chopard, was absolute wow!

So let me get started on some of the looks, I loved and why!!


An Absolute Stunner! Loved this black, elegant dress worn by Priyanka Chopra. I liked two of her looks, but I am going to keep this one as my first choice. The hair, the Chopard earrings, and the makeup to compliment it, all go hand in hand. What I really like about this look, is the makeup, it is so soft and highlights the dress. A Black never goes wrong, and this one proves it!

Moving on Number Two!

Eva Longoria in this beautiful high slit dress by Alberta Ferreti, with perfectly toned legs! Perfect colour, perfect hair, perfect makeup. This one really compliments her body type and style and has a refined taste in terms of colour. The slit makes it so sexy, because I couldn’t imagine the same dress giving a great appeal if it was stitched all the way through.

Outfit Number Three!

Loved this look from Selena Gomez wearing Louis Vuitton and Bulgari! Choosing just two tones of white and silver, both being super refined colours looks classy on her. The hair bun is also perfect to compliment it, because leaving her hair loose may have not made this look this sought after!

Lets Move on to the next…and this one happens to be her AGAIN.

Love this other outfit by Priyanka Chopra, well, what can I say, all white and silver again and as elegant as a bride. This one ruffles down softly and that’s one of the reasons I like it. Nick complimenting her with the same colours was bang on!

Next Up:

This one was an unexpected one on the list, worn by Aarya Hargate, I like this Versace Couture Gown. I love the pastel shades all over them, I am a flower lover so loving this one was not that difficult. The really narrow waistline flowing down onto this trail brought this beautiful outfit. Paired up again with Chopard which was a really good option to go with. Would give this outfit some points for not playing it too safe!

Now, since I am done with my top favourites I am going to post some outfits that were nice, but not too nice to make it to the top! Some of them because they are safe, some because it brought in a boring appeal to the look. So keep reading..

This one was a pretty outfit #Dior and Chopard, but it is also kind of a safe choice.

No doubt she looks stunning in what Alessandra wears, it is stylish with the slit, but we all can agree she could wear something much more vivacious!

This one was the last look by Deepika Padukone at Cannes and I like it, but at the same time the bow in the front gives this extra large, impactful aesthetic. Being long and slender maybe she could have gone for more of a look like she did last year with the burgundy Marchesa gown which looked beyond fabulous!!!

So that’s it for now, this was my review on the best outfits from Cannes 2019!!

But, like always I love to hear feedback and also this leads me to ask another pop up question to all my fashion readers!!!

If you had a chance to wear a dress by a designer at Cannes, who would you choose and why?

I am totally looking forward to your answers on that one!

Lots of Love,

The Road Dress Travelled x