My Skincare Routine!

So this skincare routines going to be a super fast read that you can follow in a few simple steps. To be really honest, I do very basic skincare, the parts that are necessary and I am sure for those of you who have busy schedules, spending too much time is not the solution.

For me the morning routine is all about protecting my skin from the sun, I’m very sensitive to the sun. So I always start with a really good face wash with normal water. I don’t really like using a face wash, as I’ve used a couple of them and they all react differently to my skin.

So here we go!! Lets break it down!


In the morning, start by splashing your face with warm water or, if you must, wash with a gentle face cleanser designed for your skin type. And as I just wrote, make sure you pick the ones that are suited for your face.

This is one of the face cleansers that did work wonders for me. Given the fact that my skin is of a mixed type. Sometimes dry, sometimes oily. This one is designed for dry skin, so it always has this good moisturising touch to it, absolutely love it!

Shop the Face Wash by clicking on the image on the left!

The secret’s in the system of application. Their revolutionary 3-Step Skin Care System was created to make the face wash be focused at a cleanse, exfoliate along with the moisturising element.

I am in absolute love with it, but I use it thrice a week to keep that radiance and glow.


Most people choose to skip toners, and this is not a part of my usual routine, but I thought it would be nice for you’ll to know about it. There are lingering assumptions that toners are quite harsh on the skin. Fortunately, with the kind of options that exist today, that is not a problem. Toners have some antioxidants, vitamin B derivatives and some even have toning acids. Additionally, each type of toner is designed for a different skin. For those of you’ll interested in trying it out, I would recommend in order of preference

Clarins Extra Comfort Toning lotion.

Shiseido White Lucent Brightening Balancing Softener

Pixi Glow Tonic Toner


Serums for the skin are usually much more concentrated than most other skin products. They usually are used to address more specific problems related to skin. There are plenty of serums available to choose from, so here I’m going to avoid recommendations as it has to be customised to your skin type!


This one was a new discovery but an absolute favourite. When I was in Milan studying my one month Fashion Business course, I used to spend a lot of time browsing through new products in the market.

One of the best discoveries for me was the Glam Glow Gravity mud face pack. Ive always come across face packs which are quite similar to each other in terms of application and effects, this one can just lift your face up!

Particularly because I have always been trying to look for a face pack that gives me an instant glow, this one serves its purpose!


Yes, everyone needs a moisturizer, despite what skin type you may have. All of us need some levels of extra hydration after the constant exposure to the sun, and a lot of pollution that our skin faces everyday.

I would recommend the best time to apply a moisturizer is when your skin is still damp and it can absorb the nutrients well. You could do this right after the serum treatment, with or without going ahead with it.

These are one of my favourite skin moisturisers, from Bath and Body Works. I have also added in my Youth Dew by Estee Lauder. All these moisturisers are comprised of Shea butter, coconut oil and Vitamin E.

I believe when it comes to skin, there comes a lot of experimentation, and it takes time to figure out what exactly suits your skin type!


The last step, but not the least!

I always take protection to avoid sun related issues with my skin, considering the fact that I’m super sensitive to it. This is usually my last step in my skin routine, it always heavily depends on which part of the world I am. When I am in India, its a definite must!

A Special Tip!!

I would recommend trying to mix the sunscreen while applying your moisturiser, so it blends in and can stay long lasting while you run your errands through your day.

However, if you apply the sunscreen before you apply your moisturizer, it would not be as effective.


With my night regimen, my first advice is REMOVE ALL MAKEUP. This is something I follow, because the pores need time to breathe after the constant makeup on my skin.

If you are someone who uses regular skin makeup, foundations and concealers, make sure to always cleanse. Not doing this has always resulted in dull skin, and pimples, and pores being blocked.

Hydration is key for me, so a simple moisturiser and I’m good to go!

With all the different kinds of makeup removers I have experimented with in time, this one is something I heavily rely on. For those of you with oily skin, this may not be the best because it has some molecules that are oily and could go deep into your skin.

I hope this blog about my skincare routine could help you pick the elements in your routine that you are not currently doing. Some of you may not even be aware of what parts are necessary under an every day skin care regime, but it all comes down to what you feel comfortable with. So that leads me onto a question!

What parts of this skin care regime would you be incorporating into yours?

Lots of Love,

The Road Dress Travelled x