Wedding Countdown!

Im super thrilled to be writing this blog, given the fact my wedding is going to be coming up super soon! We are already on a countdown mode as I’m 57 odd days away from being married to the love of my life!!

It makes me super happy to get married to who I love, but also in a place that I’ve dreamed about getting married at. It is at..


It is one of the most spectacular places for a perfect destination wedding! It is a gateway to the Thar Desert!

The hotel represents a unique way of life, carefully preserving the Rajasthani traditions of the past yet framing a modern exquisite experience. Im so glad to be celebrating my union at Suryagarh with a delightful series of events starting from a halwai breakfast, a jazz brunch, gypsy galas at the dunes, a ‘Silk Route’ sangeet dinner, indulgent ‘after-parties’ and more accompanied with a host of mesmerising entertainers, food and beverage options and unmatched service.

Me and my soon to be husband, fell in absolute love with this place not just because of how it looks, but also because of the kind of hospitality it has to offer. This picture was a one we clicked when the suns first rays hit the sandstone marvel.

We also spent a lot of time droning in this paradise and we able to capture peacocks. Suryagarh has their own animal shelter too, where they take care of so many striating from peacocks, ducks, dogs, birds, rabbits and the list goes on. Every morning we had breakfast at the courtyard where there was a delicious spread of lovely delicacies.

Im not even exaggerating as I say this but I’ve never had better food in my life than I’ve had there at Suryagarh!


Every morning we would have the Halwai make us any food we desired and laid down on the table. Starting from hot dosas, to parathas, to fruit platters, and nutritious juices the list literally goes on. I even tried a bottle guard halwa, which sounds really bad, but tasted so good that it makes me change my mind about that vegetable. There are such lovely vistas on this property, it is a photographers delight!

To conclude, I cant begin to explain how excited I am to be able to able to get married here so soon in such a beautiful, isolated destination with an intimate and private setting.

And lastly, but not the least!!

This below is the drone video we shot on a super early morning at Jaisalmer beginning of this month, our official #tminustwomonths to go video!

As always I would love to hear your feedback and comments on my blog and share your thoughts about them.

On this note I would like to hear what your favourite destination is and why?

Lots of Love,

The Road Dress Travelled x