Birthday Getaway!!

I recently visited Goa, India, to spend my 24th birthday, and it was truly great Travelling is something I’m so passionate about and being able to capture spectacular drone videos makes it so much more worth it.

The videos were captured from Mobor Beach in South Goa. I really prefer the South part of Goa because of the cleanliness and there are fewer people around at all times making it a perfect getaway!

In terms of my outfit details for a beach vacay:

I like to keep it light and simple by carrying my shorts, easy tee’s and my makeup essentials. Sunblock is an absolute must for me, but this time I got lucky with the cloudy weather. SPF 100 is something I use when I just want to avoid a tan! Being Indian, I really love the colour of my skin the way it is.

This bikini I picked up was from Tezenis on a trip to London last year. I loved the colour, with the elegant touch of the leaves on it making it perfect for a beach day.

Another essential for me is my moisturiser from Bath and Body works. I have tried plenty of their moisturisers but my favourites will always be the Japanese Cherry Blossom and the Pretty in Peach!

Shop the Moisturiser:

The moisturisers are super smooth, smell great and are long lasting on my skin. I would recommend it for dry skin and mixed skin. It blends in and stays in there for a while until you wash it off with a cleanser.

For the second day on the beach, I went for something coral, and my favourite shorts by HM. I like to be super comfortable with whatever I wear, because for me fashion is about looking great but also being able to feel comfortable with what I’m wearing. This shrug was a bit of experimentation for me with Shein. I pair this up with plenty of looks, whether its a bikini or t shirt or jeans. It goes along well with absolutely anything!!

Next up was an evening at Thalassa in Goa, and a new place me and my fiancé visited called Casa Playa! The food was absolutely amazing and I tried a lovely mezze platter and some Mexican Pani Puris. P.S it was as interesting as it sounds!!

This was at CASA PLAYA!

The few others things I tried to do this trip were, taking some time to read a new book. I spent quite some time on the beach, introspecting, and completing living the moment and being happy about turning 24!

On my birthday, my night concluded with a lovely dinner at the Leela Riverside Restaurant which was absolutely divine. The chef prepared some mouth watering Italian food for us, each dish so well prepared to suit our taste buds! I would absolutely recommend everyone to try out that place next time you make a visit to Goa!

These are some more spectacular sunset views by the beach and Thalassa!

To conclude,


With lots of love,

The Road Dress Travelled x