A Brand Ambassador with Blinkist

The month of April was an exciting one because I had an opportunity to collaborate with BLINKIST!

Blinkist is a digital learning app that introduces key insights of the worlds best selling non fiction books in power packed 15 minutes that you can listen to at any point of your day. That being said, reading is not a habit that I happen to have, it took me a lot of practise to get it into my schedule. But heres an honest fact, I still struggle with my reading, and that is EXACTLY when Blinkist came to rescue.

The key benefits for me have always been that:

Its a super quick insights about a book in 15 minutes!

The best part: You don’t even have to read, because you can choose to listen to it too. Being a creative person, audio visuals have always been more captivating to me than reading long books and articles. So put your audio in and keep moving!I choose to listen to my Blinkist when I combine my evening walks with it. I feel like its a workout for the mind and body.

Over 3000 titles

There is a huge range of topics to choose from and this is honestly, the second best reason I love it. I choose a topic depending on what I want to hear today, whether its self help or business or finance, its all there!

9 million users

Being a part of Blinkist using my link: http://jump.blinkist.com/aff_c?offer_id=2&aff_id=6236

So, now that you all are introduced to what Blinkist is, let me begin writing about how it helped me, and why I recommend it to so many people.

It did change my life in many ways, and the first being my eagerness to always be learning and growing.

As Albert Einstein once said:

“Once you stop learning you start dying”

I could agree with this on many levels as I can always see positive change in me when im learning, trying a new adventure or simply upgrading an existing skill. Blinkist sorted out the part where I had to invest days into reading a book. It is so hands on and easy to access on my phone, metaphorically a BLINK AWAY!

I consider being associated with labels an extension of me, and the brands I stand for are the ones I strongly believe in. My association with BLINKIST has been so wonderful on many levels, but primarily because im able to share what I believe in so strongly as not just as a promotional tool. I would recommend this to anyone who is serious in their lives. Serious about making their dreams a goal, and making their visions a reality.

This blog has been a possible outcome of having listened to plenty of audio books from authors who inspire me! So do not waste another day, missing out on an opportunity that could nurture you as an individual in many ways! Use the link below and get it TODAY!

Thankyou for reading and subsribe for future updates!

Lots of Love,

The Road Dress Taken x