My Dream Vacation to NORWAY!


Its been more than a dream, since these are the first few blog posts I am publishing, I wanted them to be meaningful, to have content my audience can connect with. Norway had been on my Wishlist for YEARS. I mean it, 5 years!

And I know what your thinking, why didn’t I go for 5 years?

One answer short : ARCHITECTURE!

Not many of you’ll know but I studied Architecture and it took me five long years, of struggle and dedication. I consider life as a wave of ups and downs and it was the supportive friends and family that kept it in the ups and the late nights, and the constant fatigue that kept it on a low. BUT the incentive was NORWAY!

I visited Norway in September 2018 and it was as beautiful as it was in my dreams!

Shop the look: Uni Qlo Jacket Link Me and my fiancé had visited Lofoten Islands, Tromso, Oslo, and Bergen. I flew from Mumbai to London to Oslo and there he was waiting for me at the airport. The flight from London to Oslo I was beyond impatient and I was counting every minute and also looking out the window as the beautiful scenery starting to approach. When I started to see the deep valleys, moutains, small homes amidst lakes, I thought to myself, the earth cannot get more beautiful than this. I hope it always remains this untouched and beautiful.

Can you feel how excited I am as I write this? AHH!

Once we got to Oslo we spent a few days there and chose to drive down to Bergen instead of flying. I would recommend this to all of you’ll simply because it was


The topography will simply blow your mind away, starting from roads that are narrow and move along the base of the towering mountains and the untouched crystal clear lakes. The tunnels, well the tunnels are endless haha!

Me and my fiancé were once driving through this tunnel that wouldn’t get over! Have you heard about tunnels that have underground round a-bouts?

Yes, that was real!

This is Laerdal Tunnel, the longest tunnel in the world and it actually looks this fancy in REALITY!

When we were driving through it, I swear it felt like it would never end. It is a 24 km long tunnel and it is near Sogn go Fjordane. It is absolutely stunning and worth a drive in as it has signals as well in the tunnel.

The best kind of surprises are the ones you do not expect, and this one was one of them!

And now, after we went up north to the Lofoten Islands, we had a chance to stay at this lovely airbnb property which was overlooking an isolated lake in the middle of no where. It was the perfect viewing point for us to capture the aurora lights. However, the forecasts for those days were not looking so good, I was praying for them to show up. One day passed, another day passed and FINALLY!THE NORTHERN LIGHTS SHOWED UP! AND WHEN THEY DID IT WAS ONE OF THE MOST BEAUTIFUL SPECTACLE I HAD SEEN MY WHOLE LIFE

The Northern lights danced in the sky for about 3 hours straight. However to my surprise, I always thought they were much slower in movements, but they are RAPID. I was tearfully over joyed and its a day I cannot forget as I had waited for years to witness this exact moment.

Im going to use this opportunity to share a quote from Oprah Winfrey:The biggest adventure you can take in your life, is live a life of adventure.

This here is one of the pictures I clicked while we were driving down through the snowy peaks and enchanted forests.

A lot of the time in the car was for thinking, feeling the moment and appreciating life. There are so many reasons to be grateful!

I don’t know you are, and I don’t know what you do and what your problems are, but I do know that we all are special in our own ways and I also know we have the ability to be grateful for those things that we know we have.

We also went up and did a couple of adventurous activities. We did two climbs, one was Preikastolen and the other was Holandsmallen in Lofoten Islands. Preikastolen is a massive 700 feet cliff overlooking the beautiful fjords in Norway. That was the first time in my life I ever attempted to climb a mountain. It was Childs play for my fiancé being a world famous mountaineer, but me….. eh!!!haha!

But thats what made it so special, the part where I could share it with the most meaningful

person in my life. He was the kindest being able to guide me, take care of me while I did this. SAFETY FIRST!

Well. But ultimately;


So we continued onto doing many more smaller adventures, but 2018 was all about taking chances, trying something new with my life and most importantly sharing them. We wanted to climb up Trollstunga but because the weather was spotty we chose to be safe than sorry!

I have saved the most special for the last!

The Lofoten Islands up next and:THE PICTURE SAYS IT ALL!

After a 2 hour climb one way up, David ( my fiancé) and soon to be husband proposed to me here. It was the most magical moment of my whole life. I don’t remember being this happy EVER!EUPHORIA!!

The whole point of writing this blog post about my Norweigan adventure was to inspire you to go live yours. I want you to ask yourself today,

What is the one thing you’ve always wanted to do, but have not?

It could be as simple as writing a book, or spending time with a partner, or just expressing gratitude for someone you should be doing that for. But use this as an opportunity to live the life of your dreams. It is what counts!

As always, I want to hear your feedback and thoughts on what you think about this blog. Interaction with my readers is the most important for me because I want to feel connections and influence your minds towards positivity.

Lots of Love,

The Road Dress Travelled x