My January started with Milan

A one month solo adventure in the city of High Fashion!

Shop the look: Coat from Zara

Scarf: Zuiki, Milan 

My month of January 2019, started off in Milan when the Christmas vibes were still on a high and my first walk was at Vittoria Emmanuel II. It was where I started my day and ofcourse I started it with THE best Amorino!


YEP!!! Thats exactly what I thought too!

I used the first three days of my trip to get over jet lag, explore by myself. My stay in Milan was going to last 1 month and I had never been away from home for this long ever, by myself. The trip to Milan was to study at my dream fashion university at


So of course I was excited, and nervous at the same time. It was just the feeling of the unknown. I didn’t know what to expect when I got on the flight from Mumbai to Milan. But I was too quick to judge because it ended up being on of the most fun, exciting, emotional journeys of my life. There is so much to share about my Milan experience that I am going to split it up in plenty of different blogs, each on interesting to read. Maybe someone, somewhere reading this could get inspired by taking the chance and going on that solo trip you always dreamed about doing.


Had always dreamed about seeing the Duomo ÓNCE in my life, I ended up seeing the Duomo everyday for a month!! haha.

The Galleria was stunning as I imagined it to be, it felt like I was in a world of fashion which could understand me, and read my mind. Okay, ill admit, when I walked into the PRADA flagship store. It was like the scenes of CONFESSIONS OF A SHOPOHOLIC. All you fashionistas definitely recall the Girl with the Green Scarf! Yep. That was me.

But I didn’t give in, I continued to look at so many more stores, there was a super pretty fair set up right in front of the duomo, lots of candy, gifts, bread and decor! I spent a brief while here and then got back to a small Italian restaurant where I enjoyed my FIRST PIZZA!

The most important among all! OUTFIT DETAILS!!!

I chose to wear this outfit on my first day exploring. It was quite cold weather for me flying out from Mumbai so I wanted to be warm, but at the same time look CHIC. Chose to go with a neutral, day look when it comes to my makeup. I will be posting so many more blogs on my makeup tutorials, how I choose my makeup and my personal technique.


Coat: Zara

Hat: HM

T shirt: HM Basics

Jeans: GAP

As I have always said and believe,

This blog is to bring out YOUR BEST SELF and PERSONAL IDENTITY and by talking about mine, I hope to inspire you all in the tiniest or biggest way I can. As always please do share with me your thoughts and comments about my blogs, it helps me know about what I should write about more to favour you!

Lots of Love,

The Road Dress Travelled x