Being an astrologer, I admire jewellery that is inspired from astrology. They are very easy to find and look really pretty. The benefits? I bet they’re also really lucky for you based on your zodiac sign. If you don’t know your zodiac sign there are many online references available to help you with that based on your birthday. Vedic astrology works in a slightly different way, with your rising sign being your zodiac sign. Western astrology is more commonly practised, and hence what I’m going to use when it comes to this particular blog post.

Zodiac based accessories, I don’t really nice gift to give to someone on their special day. It comes across as a really sweet gesture, and also very personalised. On his blog post, I am going to put together some charms, necklaces, bracelets, rings that I have come across, that look really pretty. You can also use these websites, to make some more Google searches have come across products that you love.

That being said, let’s begin!


Available in all zodiac sign options, this is a really nice bracelet which has the zodiac monogrammed in the centre with a chain link.

Credit: SHEIN

If you are looking for something more generic, such as inspiration from the Sun moon and stars, this is a really good set of 4 to purchase!


This is a really nice chain, with a prominent pendant, that you can wear as an everyday accessory. Again available in all zodiac signs!

Credit: TOUS

If minimalistic is not your style, and if you want something more bulky, this is a really nice mix of different elements, some inspired by astrology.


If you want a pendant, that speaks astrology, this is a really nice circular minimalistic pendant that makes it really clear, that you love astrology.


This is a really cute choice from Farfetch, I love how the pendant has a raw finish making it super appealing. This one does come with a hefty pricetag, but it is for those who want to make an investment in accessories.


Enough of pendants, this is a really nice ring that you can wear based on your zodiac sign. They’re available in all zodiac signs, and I love the gold finish which can be paired with so many other accessories you already own.

Credit: CC

This is slightly similar to the previous choice I had put up from the same brand, but without the chain-link. This is for those who want a slightly slicker version of the same bracelet.

Credit: PRYA

I put this one up, because of the unique finish that this pendant has and love the sort of embossed finish it has!

Credit: Wanderlust and Co.

This is a really nice chain, because of the dial finish. I love how even though you can be one zodiac sign, it’s features all the zodiac signs on one pendant.


Apart from it’s really catchy brand-name, this is another version of a previous pendant I put up, but with a really nice bronze finish. The best part about the spending, is that it is very affordable.

Lots of Love,

Road Dress Travelled x