Black looks are evergreen and are a quintessential garment in every closet. There are many ways to wear black, as a blazer, as pants or going all the way with the entire outfit. On this blog post, not every look is an entire black, but predominantly yes. May this be your mood board when it comes to digging deep into your closet and taking a look at what you have got. Ultimately the objective is to have:


This is a simple way to put together a black sweater and some wide leg pants, and pairing it with some white sneakers. It is something that we all own in our closets.

Credit : beijosbluespoesiablog.wordpress.c…

If you are looking for a slightly formal look with black, this is a great way to bed together some formal pants and a blazer.


Want something sexy? this is a great way to flaunt your curves, in a formal look. I love the way it has been paired with some form fitting trousers and short blazer!


One for all the summer looks that you can do as all black, this is a great way to wear a coordinate set, with some flat sandals. A quick styling tip is to bun your hair with a look like this.

Credit: Uploaded by Kezia Cook

If you are in the mood to wear some high boots, this is a great way to wear a blazer and boots in all black attire.


Kendall Jenner, spotted wearing these really gorgeous leather pants, and an oversized black blazer. I even like the black mask to go along with it.


Like I mentioned at the start of the blog post, that even though most of these looks are in all black attire, this is a great way to wear white and black as a winter look.


You’ve got to love those unique sculptural shoes, with the black socks, and an all black leather jacket. Hailey Bieber is looking absolutely stunning in this look!


Selena Gomez sporting a satin blouse, with some black wide leg pants is a great way to stay comfy and sexy.

With all these looks the key is to find what you own in your closet, and try to integrate that using these looks. All black looks can feel boring, when you look at it in your closet. However there are so many ways to go about styling them, that they are far away from boring. I also truly encourage a capsule closet, where you can reuse a lot of your garments in different forms. Also try to buy black layered clothing, and by that I mean, coats, blazers, jackets and pants are all evergreen and can be reused in many ways.

Lots of Love,

Road Dress Travelled x