Owning handbags that grab all the attention is every woman’s dream, and here are some handbags that will keep you dreaming on. Filled with unique color and shapes, here is a plethora of bags that are in whimsical shapes, and won’t fail in being the center of attention. Finding a handbag you fall in love with instantly doesn’t come by so often, especially when you want to use it for a number of different occasions. Handbags for me have always ben one the best investments, and I also recommend the same for all my clients. Despite being in the midst of a pandemic, there is no reason why you shouldn’t take this time to invest in a bag that lasts you long!

Below, I’ve listed all of the bags that made me go wow and have made such an impression on me. On this blog, it ain’t featuring the normal classic handbags, but the handbags that make you go…. I WANT IT NOW!

That being said, start scrolling for some eye candy…

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Love this strappy look on the handbag, with that nice wooden top to hold on to it. Love the clear pvc material!

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Fringe has been in for a while, but brands have started to innovate with the kinds fo threads on the bag, the colors and the orientation of the handbag. To accessorize is an art, and bags like this only help!

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Bucket bags, a recent trend that you can spot on your most favorite Netflix shows to on the street. I love this bucket bag because of the nice tan leather base, and of course these are available in so many colors!

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Talk about captivating, and this sculptural bag has our eyes!

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Pleated bags have been a recent trend that has been surfacing all over the internet and there is something about this color, makes me want to buy it!

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Leather is the most classic choice when it comes to selecting a handbag that lasts long. This is such a perfect amalgamation of classic with style!

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Not a bucket bag, but something that falls in the same family, it has it gorgeous appeal with that loose net and super dense, structured top!

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WOW! Talking about innovation with handbags, this one is got such a unique structure and hats off to the craftsmanship and creativity!

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Another fringe pick but in a layered scheme, this one is so perfect on a nice sunny summer day!

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Love how the direction of the fringes have been changed over for such a high-low sense. I also can’t fail to notice the lovely detail with the choice of classic colors, that go well with so many outfits!

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Not one you would imagine taking to a lunch with your friends, but totally for a day out at the beach!

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We have seen clear pvc bags all around us for a while, and there are so many different variations with this bag. But for me, nothing like this classic clear box bag!

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Simple yet elegant, there is something very nice about how this bag uses leather and the clear pvc fabric to create something wonderful!

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Love a good bag filled with craftsmanship to adore, this is probably one of my favorite bags on the list!

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Most brands focus on the bag, few brands on how you hold the bag. Love how this bag has taken innovation to a new front and created this sculptural bag that grabs all the eyes!

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Another bag with a great blend of tan and woven artistry, this one is just so soothing to look at, as if it were so balanced!

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One to clutch on, this one has such a gorgeous silhouette and feels like it would be so soft to hold on to…

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Last one on the list but not the least, I love the shape of this bag, and the color is classic. Tan, black and beige bags are excellent choices for a long-term investment as they work so well with so many garments!

Lots of Love,

Road Dress Travelled x