Street style has never failed to impress because it may be one of the most common choice for most women. But coming out with street style that is catchy and uses just a few colors or patterns in the mix to create a long lasting impression is something to aim for. I am a fan of color, and I try to incorporate those bold combinations in my daily wear choices. Developing a personal style on the other hand, does not come easy and takes months, if not years to develop. I am currently having my colorful color block moment in fashion and I seem to LOVE IT!

Here are some of my favorite looks that you can go ahead and pin, if not save for your personal use. All these pictures are inspiring, and are all so different from each other. Keep scrolling for bold, alluring streetwear style!

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Watch out for the color coordinated pink fuchsia shoes and sweater and pairing it up with an unusual shade of PU leather trousers.

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Firstly, love the bag and secondly, I love the use of the bold violet purple kimono over those loose wide leg jeans and that satin white blouse. It is so chic!

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A bold mix of colors this one, but a look for someone who likes to take chances in fashion. I love how you have a whole athleisure theme playing out with some feminine choices.

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Classy is probably how I would define this sleek look. Put together a set of loose trousers with a bold orange or fuchsia pink and accessorize with some bold gold earrings to captivate attention! Love this look for a nice day out!

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This one is the perfect modern woman look in 2021, with a nice easy printed blouse loaded with prints and color and some high waisted, rolled up mom jeans it does the trick. I love how this is a look you can pair up with some flat shoes or heels and still gives you a WOW. Also do not forget to accessorize on this look!

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Bold yellow trousers for the YES! Don’t you just love how that shade of purple does so well with the trousers?

This one says FASHIONISTA!

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For the sleek pick, I think one of the best color block combinations is a bold purple and red, especially when Meghan Markle flaunted that combination with a beige coat. I love to recreate this one!

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An easy combination to put together, but there is something so nice about how these two colors work with each other. I tried this one for the first time a few days ago, and I had a few wow’s! come by…

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I love how effortless this looks, and also so easy to put together. This look reminds me of how easy, yet gorgeous some looks are and it is all about the art of styling, not owning. I am so in when it comes to capsule closets and this look is one of the easiest to recreate!

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Staying up to date with fashion trends is a must if you want to look stylish in 2021. And one of my favorite blog sites to visit is WhoWhatWear and they feature some amazing content. I love how the combination of this comfy color block striped sweater does so well with the pants!

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Picked this one because of the beauty of this color blend, and it is yet another street style look that you can put together so very easily. Look through your closet and see how you can recreate this ensemble!

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Rosy satin skirts with a deep blue sweater and you are all set to stand out. Take a look at this blend of interesting colors that create a sophisticated and captivating look!

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Probably the easiest look of the lot, and also very pink, this is for all those women wanting to wear pink on Wednesdays. I love how the tones of the pink work so well with each other to create this monochrome wonder!

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Can’t stop staring?

Neon green is one of my favorite colors lately, especially with color blocked looks. Neon green works so well with this blue and a nice fuchsia pink. If you do not have a specific color with your clothes, try looking for accessories that can deliver the same outcome!

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WOW! Need I say more? A bold orange and a pattern chiffon blouse to the mix with some classic sunglasses, and you are ready to impress!

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For a more chic and classy look, and also not a bad choice for work, love how the colors of lilac and lavender work together styled with a pristine white!

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