I came across a few absolutely stunning designer dresses that I would like to bring to your notice for you to start filling your online shopping carts. These dresses, aren’t something you will be wearing as a casual dress, but for special events and parties. I have always focused on writing blogs that give my readers products that are affordable, but this time I want to write about clothes that fall in a higher segment. These clothes are versatile, have a different play of fabrics specific to the dress, and I love them so much that I own a few of them on this blog.

Designer dresses, are customized, have a flair of their own and simply stand out because of their individuality. Designing is after all, a way for designers to express their creative talents, feelings and put it across to the final customer. I am more of a capsule closet kind of person, and I love to use the same garments in as many different ways possible. But this blog is all about, some special dresses designed to make you look stunning for a special day!

From Zwaan’s Winter Edit, A perfect dress for a sundowner, love how this dress has a citrus overlay on top, and the perfect color of the season!

ZWAAN Citrus Color Block Tiered Dress with Separate Satin Dress 13,950 INR

Another one from ZWAAN, this maxi dress with all the tints of blue is perfect for a nice dinner by the beach or for your maternity shoot. Easy and breezy is how I would define this flowy dress!

ZWAAN Blue and green colour blocked heat pleated gown 14,550 INR

Pleated clothes are the new beautiful! Love this co-ordinate set from Scarlet Sage in the shade of Emerald Green, that will have all eyes on you. I would wear this lovely set for a romantic dinner with some subtle diamond earrings!


Pankaj and Nidhi, never fail to impress, but this one is beyond gorgeous! Love how the warm and cool tints with geometric shapes have been set together. This one is just perfect for a party!

PANKAJ AND NIDHI Talisman Collection

Saaksha and Kinni, use an abudance of hues, put together in tie dye tones. This one is a treat to the eyes done in a sari style dress, making it perfect for the next Indian wedding where you want to go contemporary style!

SAAKSHA AND KINNI Abstract dual print hand micropleated sari dress 20,000 INR

The Loom, may not be on the popular it’s “designer” list, but this dress should definitely be on your “bucket list”! I love how the Organza has been gently crafted in a subtle tone to overlay the dress. Isn’t this dress just perfect for a fancy lunch out with your friends?

THE LOOM Lemon Yellow Cut Work Silk Organza Dress with Slip 13,000 INR

Lots of Love,

Road Dress Travelled x