Pleated clothing is one of the most recent trend that has been surfacing all over the internet. For me, the best part of pleated clothing is being FREE SIZE, now that is a dreamy situation with any garment. Weight changes are normal, especially with women when they are on a motherhood journey. Expecting mom’s often have to shop for a few dresses that are going to be loose and fit them well through pregnancy, and then lock them up in a closet otherwise. With pleated clothing, there’s no such thing happening as it is everlasting and will fit you whatever size you are.

You would also notice, pleated clothing is expensive and it seems to be more of an investment to buy even one dress. But look no more, ahead you are going to find JAW DROPPING AFFORDABLE PLEATED CLOTHING. I have refrained from adding in brands such as Tasuvure and Scarlet Sage as they have beautiful clothes, but target an alternate segment that can afford expensive clothes. I am a personal lover of colors and I love bold colors and a few neutrals to have a balance your closet.

When it comes to shipping, the charges depend upon the seller, and how fast you want your delivery and which country you will be receiving this in. To give you a good idea the shipping charges and taxes it is about 10% of the product cost. So if you were to buy a dress for $40, expect paying $43 for your dress.

Another concern some of you may have is reliability, on platforms like AliExpress, I would recommend choosing authentic sellers who have good reviews, and have a good rating. The products listed on this blog come from sellers with excellent ratings on AliExpress and I have first hand experience with them.

But that being said, pleated clothing is excellent because of free sizing, quality, durability, and aesthetic. The quality of the expensive pleated clothing is not more different than what you will find of AliExpress, since most clothes are bought from China, and sold in all other countries at ten times the price. It is a different debate when we talk about bespoke and high fashion luxury labels since they customize clothes from start to finish.

But the biggest question I have for you is, why pay ten times the price, when you can get it for such affordable prices?

Paying a large price for something, should mean a big benefit either with price, quality, variety, longevity or shipment…and if there is no massive difference, is it just lack of awareness?

So, that being said, ahead you will find a host of beautiful clothes I have taken the time to find on the massive retail platform AliExpress

4Patchwork Pleated Clothing $40
Patchwork Colour Block Dress $41

Black and White Pleated Dress $40
Fuchsia Pink Pleated Dress $43
Printed Pleated Dress $42
Colour Block Dress $38
Patchwork Dress $36

Geometric Print Pleated Dress $43
Graphic Pleated Dress $41
Polka Dot Co-ord Set $35
Co-ord Skirt and Top Set $50
Polka Dot Set $50
Bright Yellow Coat $40

Lots of Love,

Road Dress Travelled x