10 pieces every woman should have in her closet

Today’s blog is going to be how you can be more fashion forward and upgrade your closet. I have picked some of my favorite products in August 2020, ranging from shoes, bags, clothes to makeup. Feel free to play around with which brands you would personally prefer, since many of them manufacture similar products. I am going to link some of my personal favorites. Here we go!



Wearing shoes over pants is a recent trend and I’m absolutely in love with it. It’s perfect for a casual date with your friends or a party. Pairing them up can be done in a number of ways, if you are looking for a neutral look: you can choose a black crop top over army pants and white stiletto’s. If you want to get more bold, go with these bold orange pants with nice blue heels and a white top.



Puffy sleeves are trending and the best part is being able to choose from so many different styles and colors. Puff sleeves look really good with a pair of pants or a pair of jeans. I have a few of these in my wardrobe and I absolutely LOVE them!



Definitely one of my personal style trends in 2020, it continues to grow. Having one of these beautiful dresses that are either sheer or made out of organza adds a plus point to your wardrobe. Invest it one of them right today!



An absolutely beautiful outfit from Revolve, off-shoulder dresses are an all in one of beautiful, sexy and classy. Opt for one of these signature pieces in your wardrobe and wear it to a dinner date, or an evening out with your friends. You can even go for a more casual looking, floral off- shoulder dress to wear it casually.



Tote bags are an absolute must for those women who use bags very regularly storing a lot of things in there. I have a few, but this beautiful bag from ALDO is very affordable and has great utility purpose as well. Colors like tan, black and beige are the best to go with nearly any outfit you wear.



Sneakers, whether white or black are one of the most essential wardrobe essentials. Pairing them up with a nice dress or a pair of jeans is one of the best ways to go about styling it. You can even add a pair of chunky, colorful sneakers to the mix if it is more of your personal taste.



Blazers are another must have items in your wardrobe to add on as a layer over any outfit. Blazers add a super nice touch to absolutely any outfit and immediately upgrade the look. Try out a monochrome base layer like white, and adding on a really bright, bold layer on top of it.



Makeup is an essential part of adding on to any look, my personal favorite is the two faced born this way sculpting concealer. Go for a foundation that exactly matches your skin tone, and a tone lighter for the concealer. For optimum results, choose a really good lipstick, with some highlighter or oil serum to add to the final look.



Finding the perfect pair of sunglasses is rather difficult, but owning one is essential. Sunglasses are one of the accessories that instantly boost the overall look of an outfit. Opt for some classic frames which are blacks or browns that suit most things you wear.


Investing in layers, white or black are essentials to layer over in your wardrobe. Investing in this can expand the ways you can style a jacket, kimono, blazer or coat over this. Having these in turtle necks or v-necks is up to your personal taste!



No matter what color you choose, having one perfect dress that you can pair sneakers or heels or jackets with is an excellent choice. Go for more neutral or plain colors that you can pair more jackets or kimono’s up with it. You can of course, wear it just the way it is!

If you enjoyed these top 10 recommendations, let me know in the comments section below what you would like to read about next!

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