What a year it has been so far. We are already in mid 2020, and so many of us have had to stay locked down at home. All of this, and the situation still worsening in so many parts of the world. Many of the exciting travel plans that I was looking forward to were unfortunately cancelled or postponed to the later half of this year. So with all this time in my hands, early on I decided to take complete charge and spend it productively. I had spent 2 days in early March, planning what I should be learning and, what activities I can be doing. Fortunately, I have been able to live up to my personal goals and accomplish what I set out to do.

With all these amazing new things I have had a chance to learn, I wanted to share them with you all. The Road Dress Travelled has always been about inspiring people to set personal goals and live life to the fullest.

That being said, I am going to start with sharing some ONGOING projects and some ACCOMPLISHED projects that have been a part of my life.

Here we go!


Sewing is an ongoing project where I have been spending time learning from a Youtube channel. I have just begun this journey, so I will be sharing some fun things I learn along the way. I would recommend the youtube channel : MADE TO SEW if you would like to learn more about what I am learning. Check out the link to know more:


Vedic Astrology has been a part of my life since the age of 20 and I had launched my wesbite: http://www.prastro.com very soon after. I started studying astrology because of deep passion and curiosity for the subject and I continue to be fascinated by it. Learning has always been very important to my personal journey like sharpening the saw. I have been taking my nakshatra course from Magha Academy by Kapiel Raaj which was one of the first people I learned from.

I have studied 30 hours and 280 pages so far on the course and I am about 1 week away from the finish. If you want a personalized astrology report from me check out my website: http://www.prastro.com. Check out the link below for Magha Academy’s course.


I have always wanted to learn the basics of ceramics for a long time, but somehow I never took steps to do so in the past. I am going to be spending one of the coming weekends, in my garden with all my materials and a nice glass of lemonade, doing this. It is a 4 hour online ceramics for beginners course from Paula Casella Biase. To check out her course, tap on the link below:


I am going to launching an E book, which I will be selling on the store section of my blog which involves an exclusive list of the Road Dress Travelled destinations. Unlike any other travel book you can buy off the internet, this one will be unique and a reason for you to purchase. I am not going to give too much away so early, but a lot of exciting content and products are coming your way soon.


Being an artist for the most part of my life, believe it or not, I have taken part in two art competitions in my life. The reason being, I do not agree with the concept of ranking a piece of art as “better than the other” since it is such a subjective experience. The reason I was so inclined to art was because it was all about breaking rules. This month however, I broke the rules for myself and gave myself the personal challenge to take part in one. This is hosted by the Annai Malai Kamakshi College in Tamil Nadu. I sent in my entry for the first round where 400 odd people participated and got selected in as 1, in the top 5 in my age category.

So, I spent my time working on the second round of the competition and the topic given to me was: My favorite hobby or activity and I thought what better than Vedic Astrology.

Learning SPANISH

It has been one of those side-projects for a while, but soon I am going to bring it more towards my forefront. I try to accomplish one task at a time before I get stuck doing a little bit of many things and end up accomplishing none. I will be using one of my favorite apps for this : Rosetta Stone. Check out the link below to download:


This has been a consistent practise in my life for a while now and I have been absolutely loving the peace of mind and calm this gives me.

I had looked at a number of Youtube channels to see what suited me best. Fightmaster Yoga is one that I truly connected with, found it relatively easy and I love the trainer’s positive and happy outlook. To follow it check out:

FASHION illustration course

I had posted a little information about this front on one of my previous blogs, but I wanted to add it here as I see it as a great accomplishment. I had spent the month of March doing a course on fashion hand illustrations by Zoe Hong on Youtube. I loved the content and it has helped me so much in creating wonderful renderings. I received some questions about where I learned it from. Check out the link below to learn:


I started with my self defense videos sometime in March 2020. Instructor Ando Mierzwa brings in some amazing content on his Youtube channel wherein he makes self defense an exciting experience for me to learn.The videos are very structured and easy to follow. I would surely recommend this for any beginners wanting to give it a try. Check it out:


One of the other goals I have is to do a good 5k run by the beach. I need to start by doing some gradual training and planning to accomplish this next month. I had trained for a 5k race last year, however it was in the peak of winter with 0 degrees, and I preferred to run in better temperatures to enjoy it.

Female runner running at summer park trail . Healthy fitness woman jogging outdoors.

These were my TOP 10 activities that I have been up to and I have been trying to make the best with the time in my hands. My family being extremely supportive of my personal desires, surely makes it easier to accomplish my goals. They have a huge part in these achievements.

That’s all for now, if you have any suggestions on what you would like me to write my next blog, I would love to do that feature. Please drop in your comments and let me know what you have been doing and what you think about the TOP 10 in WHAT’S NEW!

Lots of Lovee,

Road Dress Travelled x