The Road Travelled in 2019!

Unlike other blogs, this time I decided to share a complete visual blog about a recap of my year in 2019. I had a chance to go through my photos in 2019 and had so many spectacular shots from so many destinations!

I hope you go through this blog as if you were scrolling through your journal filled with memories, and it makes you want to make your memory journal as well!


  • Milan, Italy
  • Florence, Italy
  • Como, Italy
  • Pisa, Italy


  • Seattle, USA
  • Leavenworth, USA
  • Pune, India
  • Allahabad, India
  • Khajuraho, India
  • Satna, India
  • Mumbai, India
  • Jaisalmer, India


  • Chennai, India
  • Mumbai, India


  • Goa, India
  • Jaisalmer, India


  • Durban, South Africa
  • Port Elizabeth, South Africa
  • Jaisalmer, India
  • Kauai, Hawaii
  • Honolulu, Hawaii
  • Tahiti, French Polynesia
  • Bora Bora, French Polynesia


  • Seattle, USA
  • Mexico City, Mexico
  • Veracruz, Mexico


  • Dover, UK
  • London, UK
  • Brighton, UK
  • Salisbury, UK
  • Ramsgate, UK
  • Canterbury, UK
  • Stonehenge, UK
  • Dublin, Ireland
  • Londonderry, Ireland,
  • Galway, Ireland
  • Northern Ireland, UK
  • Seattle, UK
  • Valle De Bravo, Mexico


  • Mumbai, India
  • Pune, India
  • Chennai, India
  • Tirumala, India
  • Mahabalipuram, India
  • Kancheepuram, India
  • Madurai, India
  • Rameshwaram, India
  • Hulikere, India
  • Shravanabelagola, India


  • Hassan, Haleebidu, India
  • Lepakshi, India
  • Hampi, India
  • Badami, India
  • Colombo, India
  • Kandy, India
  • Male Atoll, Maldives
  • New York City, USA
  • Seattle, USA


  • San Francisco
  • San Jose
  • Leavenworth, USA
  • Seattle, USA
  • Mexico City, Mexico
  • Valle De Bravo

And now for some of my favorite photos from Bora Bora.

My first time on a sailboat with my husband in Maldives, and yet another spectacular snorkeling destination.

Some precious moments from Diwali in India, to lantern festival in Seattle and the view from Irish cliffs. To add to, I visited a very beautiful Buddhist temple in Hawaii.

Mexico City is always a great time to meet family and this visit I had a chance to visit the very beautiful church of Mary Guadaloupe, one of the most visited religious destinations in the world!

And I kept this photo of my husband for the very end, I found it on the top of a magazine cover and instantly fell in love with it. I really believe who we choose to spend our time with in our lives, defines a huge part of us. It makes us enjoy the good and the bad, the tough and the smooth days. Having him by my side, makes all my travels special and exciting!

This year ends with a lot of rollercoaster emotions, wonderful days, some that required a lot of work and planning, and some packed with fun. In total I visited 62 cities this year, spread out in different parts of the world. The one learning I would like to share from traveling is, if you have a chance to travel, DO IT!

And that’s what life is, not perfect, but making it the best we can, learning the best we can from what it brings to us!

Lots of Love,

The Road Dress Travelled.