Check out the Calendar this coming month!

The calendar this month is filled with tons of exciting events and blogs, stay tuned to be posted on the special contest this month. A very special give away to my frequent readers.

The first blog of January is going to be the blog on request this month about some essential travel tips, on how i pack, plan and execute them.

The quote of the week is something I thought of this new year, when I wanted a new layout for the website. Quotes have always been super motivating and enriching to me. I have a bunch of very inspirational quotes, and I’m going to be adding a personal note after each one of those quotes.

This month, the art blog was something I though of doing, and I’m going to keep those items on he surprise list.

Paragliding in Mexico, the name says it all! Read about all my experiences wih flying in the month of January in Mexico!

Next up, is the surprise product review, I am going to be giving you all my personal thoughts about some products I use!

10 things you don’ know about me is going to be, a very different episode on the blog, I am going to do this in a very unique style, stay tuned for more!!!

Last but not the least, the usual Q&A’s could happen anytime in the month and there is going to be some live video interaction as well!

That’s on schedule for this month, and from this month on, I am going to be sharing every month’s calendar to keep you excited and in tune!

That’s all from my side for today!

Lots of Love,

Road Dress Travelled x