I’ve often see alot of people who flood Instagram posts of celebrities and influencers with comments like : “PP” which stands for price please, and “outfit deets” please, which stands for outfit details. But guess what, you don’t need to.

If you love something a favourite celebrity or influencer is wearing and want to buy it, or just want to know what they are wearing out of curiosity, this blog post has you covered. Introducing one of the world’s most underrated tool: GOOGLE IMAGES. Yes, that’s right, for all of you that know it and don’t use it and those of you who don’t know about it. It’s one of the best and most efficient ways to find what your favorite influencer is wearing.

There are apps in the market as well where influencers share their clothing, what brand they choose to wear etc. but if you’ve got some people off the radar of paparazzi and wish to know their clothing deets. Look no further, with the most efficient image search tool of all time. Image searches are even available on the most popular apps, such as Amazon, Shein, AliExpress and many more. The tool is there for a reason. So, you do not need to waste any more time waiting for a celebrity to respond yo your comment on Instagram about their clothing details.

Here’s a quick example. See someone wearing a pretty dress on a commercial? Here’s an example of Mira Rajput Kapoor for her recent advert. It’s a reel ( short Instagram video), but if you screenshot a single moment from her video and do a quick image search your instantly going to find the dress, the price point and more such information

Photo Credit: Mira Rajput Kapoor
A quick image search of her outfit

So that’s how simple it is. Download the google images app on your phone and just enter in absolutely any image and try it out for yourself. Keep in mind, not every image search gets you there. Sometimes, it can open up alternate results, that you weren’t even looking for in the first place. So, keep your eyes open and be willing to explore the various possibilities of what you can find from a simple search. Don’t be disheartened if your not able to find some stuff at times, google can sometimes not be able to catch the image at all. Also, keep in mind that this tool need not be limited to a celebrity, but even your friends. Like a dress your friend is wearing, try to use the image search before anything else.

The success rate is pretty impressive and I don’t need to ask anyone and wait for anyone to comment on what their recent outfit details were all about?

Let me know in the comments below how you found this quick information blog post?

A quick, no bullshit guide to what you need!

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Road Dress Travelled x