Some tools are for solving a desire and others for solving a problem. With most modern tools designed for women, many of those cater to fulfilling desires. And women, have many!

This blog post is going to feature some of the best modern day solutions for women. They include hair tools, body tools, beauty tools and fashion items, all of those that will make life easier for women by raising efficiency. Whether it comes to our nails, or hair, today, we have so many products and very less time. But here’s some products that I think are a true investment. An investment, that isn’t really “fulfilling a temporary desire”, but making your time as efficient as possible to achieve some beauty and fashion goals!

That being said, on this blog post I am going to feature some brilliant products: Dyson Air Wrap, HairWax shaper, dry hair shampoo, Solawave wand, hair removal eraser, Foreo UFO, Pixi beauty glow on the brush, kitsch instant hair dry towel, automatic callus remover, non glue at-home nail extensions, eyebrow automatic trimmer and much more!

Keep reading to find more about what these products are!


There’s a lot of fashion fad’s that circulate from time to time, but this is certainly not one of them. The Dyson air wrap is one of the nicest and greatest hair innovations for women. Blow drying your hair is an activity that most women do every 3-7 days, and this makes blow-drying a safe, non-damaging. Above all it’s like having a salon experience, at home. Circulating all over Instagram reels, here’s a product that is actually worth the splurge. The Dyson air wrap does not come at a small price tag, not even close. A whopping $600 for a blow dryer and styler is a-lot of money, but it is an investment for your hair.

Dyson also makes other such products, and their blow dryer is a charm as well. However, it’s better to buy their styler as it has a blow dryer extension, making it worth every penny. The ease at which you can create curls, bouncy hair, and volume driven hair, is impressive. Rather than sharing the specifications of Dyson, I thought I’d share my opinion on the Dyson Air Wrap instead.

Photo Credit: DYSON


Solawave wand often does the rounds on social media of being a wand that has red light therapy wand to help reduce the appearance of dark spots and firmer skin in just two weeks. Does it really work?

Well, red light certainly has a lot of benefits and skin health does fall in the radius of those things. It’s worth a shot, with the whooping amount of positive reviews with this product. It comes with a serum as well, and easily a available off retailers like Amazon. Another plus point, is it isn’t a pricey product. Making it affordable, and something that gives you celebrity looking skin instantly, one thing to keep in mind with this is consistency. The solawave is only proven effective if used in the consistency as specified and I think it’s a really important point. If you have the time to use this consistently everyday, it’s certainly for you. Read more about the Solawave wand here:

Photo Credit: SOLAWAVE


Tired of razor cuts, waxing pains and aches and want to try out something that erases the hair on your body quite literally?

The crystal hair eraser, should be on every woman’s to-buy list. Using nano crystalline technology, it’s an eraser that when rubbed over the surface of the skin, causes the hair to break off. Keep in mind, that even though BLEAME is a well-reviewed brand, there are also tons of other brands that work equally well as Amazon best-sellers. Find one that fits your requirements and taste. The best part? So very affordable. Just at 8-11$, it’s an amazing product, worth the investment.

You can read more about this sorcery on:

Photo Credit: BLEAME


Been using dry hair shampoo for a while now, and think it’s basic? Well, many people still don’t know about it. Don’t have the time to wash your damp hair before you head out? Need something instant?

Dry hair shampoo, is one of my favourite on the go products for moments I need to head out and have no time to wash and blow dry my long hair. Essentially, dry-shampoo is a spray you apply on the your hair, and scrub it like a regular shampoo. Just that in this case, it is a no soap; no water solution. It is such an affordable fix to a problem that nearly every woman faces. My personal favourite is the Moroccan oil dry hair shampoo. Keep in mind, that this dry hair shampoo is made for different hair colors and types. You can read more about it on the Moroccan oil website. Dry-hair shampoo is a life changer and it will be yours too. Read more about it on:

Photo Credit: Moroccan Oil


Have you ever seen your favourite celebrity tie a sleek pony without any baby hair surfacing on the front? Well, don’t think any harder. It is not, a hair stylist in this case giving them this hair, but it’s actually their wax shaper. The wax shaper is a balm, that you can apply to the hair and have it completely settle down flattened. It is a zero oil solution that won’t make your hair greasy, still achieving the look. It’s absolutely brilliant and again, a very affordable product for any woman to own. If you are particularly into the pony look every day and want a sleek looking hair-do. Consider buying one of these. I own the Samnyte wax shaper that I purchased off Amazon and I can’t tell you how much I love this. Read more about it here!



Ever dreamed of salon nails at home without the hassle of getting to the salon each time? Here’s the most wonderful product, which is well-reviewed on Amazon. This is also a non-glue solution for those looking for non-toxic solutions to pretty nails, like me. The reason I reached out for these is having to not use the toxic glue each time on my nails. This brand sells their products on Amazon and I have to say I couldn’t love this any more than I do.

Essentially, how it works is you start off by wiping your nails clean; and simply applying the nail strip provided. Once the sticky surface is on your nails, you can choose to shape them whichever way you like. Following which, you can then use their UV lamp to cure your nails. No, don’t dismiss it already. Their UV lamp is priced just at about $20. Being very affordable, this is totally worth it. After curing your nails, the nails last you for about 2 weeks. I have been loving everything about this.

They also have a number of color options to chose from. Read more about these non glue solutions on:

Photo Credit: OHORA


A famous brand, and a one you may already know. But for the women who don’t know, foreo UFO is a great brand that does it all. An at home solution to everything wonderful. This is a skincare packed solution for this looking for salon like facials at home. This one is a pricey gadget, but it also delivers results. With consistency, this device needs an add on mask that uses red light and blue light therapies, with cryotherapy induced too. This cooling and heating mask machine is so soothing for my skin. I also use it whenever I have a migraine and need some cooling on my skin. I wouldn’t rate it as a life-changing product for me, since I never suffered with bad skin.

But this can be life-changing for you!

Photo Credit: OHORA


Your tummy can always looked tucked. One for the fashion domain; is this amazing innovation for women. Shapewear is essentially a piece of garment worn beneath your regular clothing to make your existing shape look much more flattering. Long story short; hide away the tummy using shapewear.

Post pregnancy, if there’s something you long for to cover your little mommy pooch, this product is for you. Even if you consider yourself skinny, it certainly adds more tightness and flatter to your shape. I love everything about shapewear and two leading brands I recommend are Spanx and Skims. However, you can find a ton of affordable options. The best part about shapewear is having the option of choosing which part of your body you want to use it on and how.

Photo Credit: SPANX


Ahh, how I remember those days of going to the salon and threading my eyebrows and experiencing nothing but, pain. Those days are long gone with eyebrow trimmers. Say no to anything that causes you pain and a business of threading that has run out of customers. Use the automatic eyebrow trimmer that needs a battery to operate it and very little skill. Use it like a pen and draw beneath your eyes to maximise the use of this wonder device. All done within minutes!

You may wonder whether it lasts as long as threading and the answer is yes it does. For me, I use this device not more than once a month; just the same frequency as regular eyebrow threading. And it always delivers the same results.

Photo Credit:Flawless eyebrow trimmer


There’s a lot of pedicure sets available online, but have you ever looked into buying an automatic callus remover?

This is an automatic callus remover that is as good as a salon style pedicure right at your comfort, at home. I love this product, and it is really transformed the way I take care of my feet. All I need is a charger, and some time on my hands take care of my feet. I also love that this is a non-water-based solution for your feet. A few minutes, and then using some moisturiser to touch it up. If you’ve got a lot of dead cells at the base of your feet and just a handful of equipment at home, this is for you. With minimum skill needed, this is a great device for those looking to use a little device that can scrape off dead cells at the bottom of your feet. Works like magic and you probably just need a moisturiser when your done using it to feel your soft ankle. Easy, and wonderful and Ofcourse very affordable, here it is!


Wish your hair could dry faster? You do not need to wish upon a star for that to happen. Use the dry hair towel from Kitsch, a solution to get your hair ready to blow dry as fast as possible. Made out of microfiber and some others, this is a fast drying hair towel that cuts drying time in half!

Reducing frizz, breakage and much more, this is a great product to use for those looking for an all in one hair solution to use your time efficiently.

Photo Credit: KITSCH


Have you ever wanted bouncy hair without spending all your hard earned money on the Dyson air wrap? Look no further.

Velcro hair rollers are new in the market and can give you all that bouncy hair you desire. Kitsch an amazing and innovative brand making some very desirable products have these Velcro rollers that make your hair nice and bouncy within a few minutes of application. Blow dry with your regular blow dryer after to get optimum results!

Photo Credit: KISCH


I thought, I’d talk some makeup with you. Ever had trouble applying regular blush? This is as easy as applying regular soap. A little bar filled with pink blush, this is just a swipe away from perfection. The pixi glow is a really nice product you can use for getting a blush with one swipe instantly. Read more about it on:

Photo Credit: PIXI BEAUTY


Want warm feet and good style? Fleece lined stockings are here to stay, with warm stockings that can be worn in three settings based on temperature. Choose the kind of lining you want, from low to mid to cold temperatures and wear stockings in the peaks of winter and getting your desired outfit look.

Ever wondered how influencers and celebrities wear their outfits with stockings in December without freezing? Here’s how. There are a host of brands that make these stockings. But my favorite marketplace is Amazon and I would suggest that you shop from there for these!

Photo Credit: The Cozy Crew

I hope you enjoyed this information filled blog post that gave you the best hacks and tips and an insight into the latest products in the market that make life easier and efficient.

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