If you have been trying to find a glowing skin serum for decades that makes you skin shine from the inside out, look no further. Being a fan of the no-makeup makeup look, one of the dream solutions for this is to use a serum that offers a natural glow. With years of experimenting and exploring, I have rounded off a list of a few of the best sprays and serums to give you that natural glow (devoid of shimmer).

One thing in common amongst all these serums is the illuminating glow that looks as natural as possible. I am listing down my top six, and adding a quick note on what I find amazing about each of these products on this list. They are affordable and easy to use and you can add them either, with your existing products or as a spray.

Here goes the list!

Photo Credit: GLOSSIER

WHAT I LOVE: A formula I have been using for years, and have come to truly love it, the super dew is the most natural serum that makes your skin look like you just finished exercising. I love how the serum is not shimmer based making it a plus for me!

Photo Credit: VERSED

WHAT I LOVE: Affordability is a big element when it comes to skin products since you have to keep restocking them every few months. I love this product from versed, which is affordable and gives you that great non-shimmer glow instantly!

Photo Credit: SMASHBOX

WHAT I LOVE: Even though this product is marketed as a setting spray, using it for years it is one of the best weightless sprays that has a non-oil based formula that you can use every single day. It is pretty similar to the Glossier Futuredew I love so much.

Photo Credit: SUPERGOOP

WHAT I LOVE: I love that this is a 2-in-1 product with SPF and glow serum together. I love how I need to use lesser and it gives a great non oily based texture for my face. Do use the bigger tube of 1.7 oz. as it gives better coverage!

Photo Credit: TAN-LUXE

WHAT I LOVE: A rich and luxurious formula with SPF 30 combined with the glow, this is a great serum for a lush glow. It is truly one supercharged bottle with all the glow you will ever need!

Photo Credit: MILK MAKEUP

WHAT I LOVE: I love all MILK products, and especially the fact that this is a weightless illuminator that can be mixed with your favorite moisturizer or lotion and can be combined with the other MILK products!

Lots of Love,

Road Dress Travelled x