If you are looking for a volume spray that works on your hair and gives long-lasting results, look no further than this list of amazing hair sprays that do wonders. The postpartum hair fall, has hit me hard and has left my hair flat and dry. There is no better time to use these sprays to uplift and improve those tresses and bring in some big volume. I love how these sprays work instantly in one simple application.

There is truly no better time to live with the advancements in modern hair equipment and tools. Here’s my top list of volume blast sprays that do what they are set out to do. I do not want to add tons of sprays on this list because there can’t be 15 best hair sprays, there can just be a few very effective sprays!

Here’s the list of the best!

Photo Credit: LIVING PROOF

This is a hair spray I have been using for a few years now, and I totally vouch for it. A few sprays and a simple blow out along with a curler brush does the job!

Photo Credit: VERB

This one is a hair spray I have used in the past, and it does a great job with what it is set out to do: give volume. There are plenty of positive reviews with this hair spray!

Photo Credit: OUAI

OUAI is a great hair spray to choose if you want something affordable and effective. A simple solution that gives results!

Photo Credit: COLOR WOW

If you want extra large volume, one of my favorite sprays is right here, extra large like it is set out to be!

Photo Credit: ORIBE

If you are willing to put in a few extra bucks, this hair mousse is everything. It comes with an expensive price tag, but does wonders!

Photo Credit: TRESEMME

This is a one step, five in one volume spray that works super well with fine hair, and is clean and cruelty free!

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