Oily hair, dry hair, or any kind of hair, this is my curated list of top dry hair shampoo’s of 2022. Dry shampoos usually come in the medium of a spray, but you can also find them in other forms. The whole idea being you get the effect of fresh shampoo hair without the wash. This is really convenient when you are running out of time to wash your hair, but need it to look good. I find it most useful on beachy days, when I find myself consistently getting my hair wet and need to keep my hair fresh.


One of my personal favorites: vegamour has some amazing products. Their dry hair shampoo has great reviews and one that you should consider for the long-term. The spray has very similar ingredients to its GRO serum’s known to improve the quality of hair.

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If it is that time of the week when your hair is oily and needs an immediate rescue, look no further with this amazing hair spray. Giving your hair the instant volume boost it needs.


KERASTASE is a brand known for its many different products, but this hair spray is surely one that works on a variety of hair types. It has a refreshing formula that gives your hair a lightweight but volumizing boost!


A hair spray I use, Living Proof products are amazing. I use the volume boost spray for all my bad hair days. It works extremely well with eliminating sweat, bad odor and oily hair.

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A brand that has never been featured on the Road Dress Travelled blog, is one of a kind and we love it. It has some portions of dry rice starch and natural ingredients to give your hair that shampoo, clean feeling instantly.

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This one is a best-selling, hair spray in the category of dry hair shampoo which is completely derived from plant based ingredients. The smell is unscented which makes it perfect for those in-between days.

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This Russian Amber dry hair shampoo is lightweight dry with the luxurious scent of Russian Amber that makes the hair lush and clean without any residue on your hair. Just good hair days with this one!


Another of my personal favorites with a big range of products, Moroccon oil has a dry hair shampoo worth every penny. It does what it is set out to do which is give your hair silky and beautiful strands.

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